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X ways we can improve Our Old Home

Do you live in an older home? According to Statistica, over 60% of Americans live in a home built prior to 1980. If you live in such a home, there may be many features that you adore, Especially if you still have hardwood flooring that can last as long as a century. However, it’s 2023, so your older home may need some improvements in order for it to be fully functional and to your liking. Here are some ways we can improve our old home.

Consider a pole barn for your next storage solution

The average American has over 300 items in their home. That’s a lot of things to store in the main house, isn’t it? Even with walking closets and more drawers, you may need some outside storage. If you have a vast landscape and like to do outdoor activities, then additional storage outside is a must.

That’s why you should look into building a pole barn. Find the right contractors who can build the best pole barn for you. Doing so will give you a vast amount of space that you may not even know what to do with it first. Pole barns are very easy to construct, and you may be able to do it yourself or have a professional do it for you. These large storage solutions have a wide range of uses for both commercial and residential properties. You can use one to host a greenhouse. If you have landscaping equipment that you want to store or if you have various activities that you like to do at home, it can store all of your equipment in a safe spot.

Remove your above-ground pool without the hassle

Does your older home have an above-ground pool that you don’t like using? You can call an above-ground pool removal service to help. These types of pools can take up a lot of space and may be an eyesore for some homeowners. For some people, an above-ground pool can look very outdated and cumbersome. Once someone removes your above-ground pool, you could then take the next steps to build the type of water feature that you want.

We can improve our old home by installing an inground pool afterward. After all, swimming is a great, low-impact activity that can benefit people of all ages. With an in-ground pool, you now have a type of space that everyone can comfortably enjoy. It’s easier for people to step into an inground pool and lounge around it. Once the above-ground one is gone, you can call someone to lay the foundation for your pool and go over its design.

In addition to a more modern inground pool, we can further improve our old home by adding an outdoor jacuzzi or water fountain to the in-ground pool. These types of pools also look great with floor lights. They’re much more accessible for people with mobility issues. Have more fun by adding a diving board and volleyball net for more fun in the water.

Thoroughly Clean Your Chimneys?

Do you enjoy curling up in front of the fire with your loved ones? As winter approaches, there’s no better time than to do so. Imagine sitting around a fire as you read Christmas carols and drink warm eggnog or cider. But what if you were to have a devastating situation due to HD Fire? You can avoid putting your family home in danger by making sure you’re thoroughly cleaning your chimneys. That’s right, you can protect your home from fire with regular chimney cleaning.

Call a local chimney cleaning business to service your chimney and make sure that there is no built-up soot or gases that could put you and your family in danger. Also, check your chimney for any obstructions, such as pests that may be nesting in there. Any blockages in your chimney will make it hard for the exhaust from smoke to escape, and that gas will come back into your home. As a result, using your fireplace can make the air quality in your home unsafe.

Keep your basement dry with waterproofing services

Can you imagine what would happen if your basement were to flood? With basement waterproofing services, you can protect your basement and, by proxy, the rest of your home. This is the time of year when inclement weather is more likely to occur. But we can protect our old home by making sure it won’t flood in the event of a hurricane or intense rain or snowstorm.

When moisture gets into the basement, it can ruin the drywall and cause mold to breed. It only takes more than 24 to 72 hours to begin sprouting on a wet surface, according to CNET. When mold begins growing in your basement, it will continue to spread and can affect the air quality and foundation of the entire home. If someone in your house has a lung ailment, such as asthma or bronchitis, it can be exacerbated by the presence of mold. When you have little kids or pets that are curious, they may not know better than not to touch mold.

Basement flooding has ruined many homes. When a basement has flooded, and water is allowed to sit there, it will cause the underlining foundation to rot. Then, a home will no longer be safe to live in. Needless to say, your home value will go down if you have a bad foundation. So you would either have to deal with expensive foundation repair, or your home may not be salvageable. However, we can prevent our old home from going to ruin by making sure that it’s properly waterproofed at all times.

Choose a reputable roofing contractor

The roof is another main aspect of your home foundation. Your roof is the uppermost structure that protects your home from all the elements. So, you want to make sure that you have a quality roof made from solid material. As we take the steps to protect our old home, finding reputable roofing contractors is a must.

A reputable roofing contractor has expertise and a solid reputation in the industry. You should be able to call their references and hear nothing but good things about their quality of work and professionalism in working in someone’s house. A good roofer will also provide you with a solid warranty or guarantee so that you have financial protection in case something goes wrong.

When it comes to roofing, you have more choices than ever regarding the material. Choose the right material for your climate, home design, and personal aesthetic. Bear in mind how durable your roofing material is, as that can affect how long it will last and the likelihood that you’ll need ongoing repairs. What if we added a roof to our old home that could last as long as 50 to 100 years? That isn’t a pipe dream, as metal and slate roofing can easily last 50 to 70 years, according to Bob Vila. If you’ve been to the Mediterranean or South Florida, you may have seen the beauty of ceramic tile roofing, which is great for arid climates. Ceramic tiles can last up to a century with proper maintenance.

If you have an old home that you’d like to pass down to your heirs, these types of updates are something to consider. Adding a metal or ceramic tile roof to your home is a feature that will likely outlast you. It’s also something heirs may not have to worry about because the roofing lasts for so long.

Find the right flat roofing material for your home

You may also want to check into flat roofing specialists. There are different considerations for sloped or flat roofs. So, when you have an old home that has a flat roof surface, you need the right specialist who can supply the right materials and updates. From rubber roofing to metal, there are things to consider, especially if you want to use the top of your flat roof for another purpose, such as an entertainment space.

Prevent drain clogs and save money on repairs

As much as we may love our old home, dealing with the plumbing can be a pain at times. After all, older plumbing may be dealing with corrosion, clogs, and other issues that may not have been dealt with for a long time. If there’s been a buildup of grease or hair, then drain cleaning services may be necessary.

Drain cleaning services can ensure that you never have a backup in your home. You may notice gurgling sounds in the piping whenever water goes on to drain. Those loud gurgling sounds may be air pockets or the sounds of your water struggling to get past the clog. Do you really want to stand in the shower for several minutes on end, waiting for the water to slowly drain out so you can clean the tub properly?

Did you know that clogged drains can attract vermin? If you have items such as rotten food down certain drains, then you can end up attracting vermin like rodents, cockroaches, or even mosquitoes that are often looking for water or food sources. If that water begins to pool in any part of your home, especially in hot weather, you may end up having a mosquito infestation before you know it. After all, according to the CDC, mosquitoes can lay as many as 100 eggs at one time in sitting water.

Keep your trees healthy and safe with regular trimming

Trees help to make our old home great. There’s nothing like going out into the front yard or backyard and seeing these beautiful structures, especially as they change color this time of year. Regardless of the species of trees or spruces on your property, they also need tender loving care and the occasional trimming. From an aesthetic point of view, pruning helps shape spruces into various shapes. Plus, your trees will always look beautifully manicured and trimmed, as they won’t have extra-large branches going in crazy directions.

Tree trimming service is also essential to tree health. When trees are too close together, it’s easy for illness to spread from one to another. By giving trees adequate breathing room, potential tree illness will be isolated to that particular tree. Plus, the tree professional knows exactly where to prune the tree, so it only gets rid of the diseased part of the branch while protecting the healthy part.

Support your local community by hiring a local tree service.

Hiring a local tree service is a great way to support your local economy. After all, these professionals understand the local environment in a way that a larger, nationwide conglomerate may not. They understand the native trees, spruces, and plants and how to care for them. Plus, when you pay for local services, you’re helping to employ more local people, which can help your community grow and become more prosperous over time.

Repair your parking lot damage quickly and efficiently

When it comes to the safety of our old home, don’t forget about where people must park. If there’s outdated paving that has cracks and potholes, it’s time to invest in parking lot repair immediately. Parking lot repair ensures the safety of anyone walking or driving in the area. By getting these repairs, you can ensure cars won’t get punctured, and people are less likely to get into an accident while trying to park. You also won’t have to worry about anyone tripping and falling on your property.

An old home can have many beautiful benefits that any resident can appreciate. You may enjoy some of the beautiful features that were more commonplace decades or centuries ago. However, you can bring many elements up to date to where it still feels like a modern home with all the associated comforts. As we learn ways to improve our old home, we can ensure that we protect the value and structure of our property and help our home last for even more decades to come.



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