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Professional Interior Painting Tips and Tricks

If you’ve ever had an interior painting project, you know how hard it is to make it look as though a professional painter did the job. The attached video provides interior painting tips to make the job a little bit easier.

When you use the proper equipment for the size of the job. If you use a smaller roller, it will take you more time to paint the room.

Video Source

The video talks about how using a cheap roller leaves lint on walls and causes a lot of splattering. Using a roller with a nap that’s too long will leave stippling while using one with a nap that’s too short means it won’t get enough paint on it.

Cheap paint doesn’t cover very well, and it splatters and causes a lot of other issues. Using good, quality paint saves you a lot of headaches and makes the outcome look more like you hired a professional painter.

When painting your walls, it might make sense to reload your roller when it runs low on paint. The video states that you don’t want to run out of paint on your roller, so you should keep the roller loaded and do small sections at a time.

When you follow the steps in the video, you can make your painting projects look more like a professional painter did them, and you won’t have to spend as much time painting.

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