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These Services Can Increase Your Homes Value

If you own a home, you understand how important it is to maintain or increase its value. Whether you intend to stay at home for your lifetime or eventually move, an increase in value can put money in your pocket now or later. Plus, a significant equity increase allows you to put money into home updates or get equity loans for other purposes. When it’s time to sell the home, you’ll sell it at a much bigger profit than what you initially paid. With that said, there are things you can do to ensure you increase your home’s value as much as possible. Read on for more insight about how such services can benefit you.

Roofing Services

You can’t have a safe and sound home without a good roof. The average lifespan of a roof is about 20 years. At that point, you should plan for a roof replacement, even if there are no obvious signs it’s breaking down. However, in some instances, it may be best for your safety and home value to get a replacement before that time. Not replacing a roof past its prime can affect your home insurance. If you live in an area with inclement weather, your roof may have underlying damage, such as holes and cracks, which can make your foundation vulnerable to water damage. Why does this matter? Well, water damage can cause your internal foundation to rot over time, and also be a breeding ground for mold. A house that has mold is not a safe zone for anyone to live in, not pets or humans. Mold can damage your respiratory health and can irritate the skin if you come in contact with it.

Thanks to roofing technology, there are all sorts of materials you can invest in to make your home look better aesthetically from the outside as well as have stronger protection from inclement weather and the elements. For example, local roofing services that specialize in metal, slate, or ceramic tile can install a roof that can easily last over 50 years or more. Slate and metal also have fire protection properties. Get in touch with these residential services to hire to get the roof of your dreams.

Fence Services

Once you buy a property, you must protect it as much as possible. When you sleep at night or go away for the weekend or a week, you should have peace knowing that your home isn’t vulnerable to intruders. Local fence installations help provide the security that your home needs. Don’t worry, fences come in various materials and sizes. Do you prefer a traditional wooden fence? No problem. If you prefer metal or wire, you can utilize those materials to secure your property. A secure property can make a potential buyer feel at ease, as that’s less work they’ll have to do to secure the place.

Siding Services

When you put all the time into your home interior, don’t forget about the appeal of the exterior. Have you ever walked down a street or driving through a neighborhood only to be awestruck by a beautiful stone or vinyl finish on the outside of a home? Bring such an appeal to your own house with new siding installation. Siding installs are the material that goes on the outside of the house. You can have stone, fiber, wood, brick, and more. Good siding increases your home value not only because of its aesthetic appeal, but it’s also energy efficient.

It insulates your home so that when you turn on the AC in summer, you’ll have a better chance of keeping the inside cool or hot in the winter. When you live in an energy-efficient home, that means cheaper utility bills to worry about. According to GamBrick, brick siding installs can increase home value since no maintenance is required for this material.

Pool Installation Services

Can you imagine having pool parties for birthdays, holidays, or summer fun? Pool builders can make your dream come true and help increase your property value by providing a natural recreational source in your backyard. Say goodbye to public pools that may be contaminated with other people’s bodily fluids. You can go for a swim any time of the day or night. According to Realtor, a residential pool can add 5% to 7% more value to your home. If you install a pool, you can incorporate elements like a fountain or jacuzzi on the end.

Just be mindful of the area you live in when it comes to building a pool, as some places may consider it a liability. For example, if you live in a hot or arid climate, a swimming pool may be a standard feature most people will expect. But if you live in an area that is a mostly cold or windy year around, some homeowners may consider it an extra home feature they don’t need.

Paving Services

Your city road builders aren’t the only people who need to worry about good paving. As a homeowner, you have a driveway to consider. Utilizing asphalt paving services can result in a feature that lasts for 30 years with upkeep. With your vehicles and others going up and down along the driveway, you want to ensure you have solid ground for such constant movement. Your driveway and walkway are part of your house’s curb appeal. A raggedy and unstable driveway not only makes your property look unsightly but could also be a liability when visitors come to your home. If they trip over cracks and uneven surfaces, you might be liable for their hospital bills. So decrease your liability and increase your value by investing in these residential services to hire. Another benefit of using asphalt is that asphalt is 100% recyclable, so this update is also an eco-friendly one.

Air Conditioning Services

No one wants to live in a home in which they’re going to be sweltering during the summer or freezing in the winter. Let’s face it, a fan can only go so far. That’s why having an air conditioner installation and keeping it up to date can make your home as comfortable as possible. By keeping HVAC services up to date, you can protect the possessions on your property as well. If you don’t get regular installations or clean the filters, it can create a situation in which the air in your home becomes dirty or humidity builds up, which can destroy your valuable furniture. Plus having a home with even temperature and humidity levels can decrease the likelihood of mold production. If mold grows in your home, it can decrease its value and also make it unsafe to breathe in.

Patio Services

There’s nothing like sitting out back on your patio, grilling up some good food for the holidays, or just relaxing and soaking up some sunshine. Local patio companies can give you outdoor recreational space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors. With enough patio space, you could enjoy cooking outside, sitting outside, or installing an outdoor kitchen worthy of the Food Network. You can enjoy watching your garden, hearing birds singing, or watching the kids play. According to HomeLight, a new patio costing $3,269 to construct would bring a $3,563 increase in value or a 109% return on investment. Patios are often highly sought after by new homeowners, so if you already have a beautiful decked addition to your home, it’ll make your home easier to sell.

Landscaping Services

As a homeowner, you can have fun with your landscape both out front and in the back of your home. If you have a green thumb, it’s a perfect opportunity to plant a garden or flower beds around the property. Use custom masonry to build an elaborate walkway or have decorative boulders that’ll give your backyard an otherworldly feel. Landscape maintenance helps keep your grass as green and fertile looking as possible. These landscape professionals know which fertilizer to use and how often you use it. Their fertilizing expertise can inhibit the growth of weeds, which can suck nutrients out of the soil and affect the health of your grass and other plants. According to a recent survey of realtors, when someone approaches a home with a beautifully manicured landscape, it can often seal the deal on whether or not they make a purchase.

Garage Door Services

Your garage door isn’t just for keeping your car safe. Well, yes, the main purpose of your garage is to house your vehicles, but it can also affect the rest of the home. For example, you can invest in finishing and coating your garage floor, which makes it less likely for people to kick up cement floor dust and other debris into the main house. A finished floor also makes it safer for your vehicle tires. Let’s not forget about the garage door itself.

When you invest in necessary garage door repairs and inspections, it ensures the safety of anyone that’s driving in or out or walking through the garage. If the door comes down at the wrong time, it can injure you, your family members, or your vehicles. Your regular garage inspection can ensure that the motors and mechanics are safe for you and anyone else that may inhabit the house in the future. Don’t forget, your garage is also one of the first things people see when they drive up to your home. So you can invest in a custom garage door that matches the overall style of your home while still getting the necessary functionality. Choose from custom doors made of wood, metal, or fiberglass in various styles and colors.

Solar Panel Services

More homeowners are interested in going green as well as saving on energy costs. According to Eco Flow, a 5 kW solar system installation can save $100 to $150 monthly on electric bills. That’s why solar panels have increased in popularity. Solar panels allow you to harness the energy of the sun and not rely on electricity at all, or at least reduce your reliance by a high rate. A solar panel installation service will place the panels in an optimal position to get the most amount of sunlight to power your home. Use solar energy to power everything from your electronics, appliances, lights, and everything else.

Once you install solar panels, they can last over 20 years, so it’s a very low-maintenance energy option. You can also feel good about not relying on fossil fuels with these residential services to hire, so you’ll be relying on a clean energy source that isn’t hurting the environment. It’s also a reliable source of energy since the sun is always in the sky and never goes away. If you’re worried about solar energy on a cloudy or rainy day, don’t. Remember, as long as the panels have direct access to the sun’s rays, your home can have the energy it needs. Your solar panel installation can raise your value by 4.1%, according to a new Zillow analysis. As you use solar energy, you won’t have to see that money go out the door on high utility bills if you’re not reliant on electricity at all.

You put a lot of work into owning your home, so you might as well do what you can to increase its value. The last thing you’d want is to live in a home that becomes worthless because you didn’t keep up with the market. Regardless of how much you love living there now, you may want to sell it years from now or pass it down to your heirs. So focus on building that equity or increasing your resale value by utilizing some of the tips above. From solar energy to building a pool, you can easily make your home a sought-after place for buyers with these residential services to hire, or at least a good investment your family can benefit from.

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