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Summer Cleanup For Your Home

Summer presents many outdoor activities, and the last thing you would want is to miss the fun due to dirty surfaces, dust, and pests. Luckily, we have discussed ten practical cleanup ideas to keep your home sparkling clean during summer.

Remove Winter Build Up

The first important summer cleanup for your home idea would be to remove any winter buildup. Most parts of your home and even appliances could be covered in ice during winter. Now that the cold is gone, you will want to remove all frost, stones, and any other buildup caused by the extremely low temperatures. After that, you may need a dumpster rental company to help you carry the waste from your compound. Here are common ideas for removing winter buildup from your home.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

Clean any leaves, snow, or twigs that could be stuck on your gutters. Excess weight on the roof’s winter buildup can damage your gutters and affect insulation, mainly if your roof has insulation properties.

Remove Ice from Walls, Windows, and Doors

Severe snow/ice buildup on your doors and windows can cause significant damage when not thoroughly removed. Take time to clean off any visible snow to leave your home clean and safe from harm. You can utilize defroster solutions like vinegar, alcohol, and soap for the best results.

Check Your HVAC Systems

Your heating system could still have some winter buildups, and the fans may be locked. Inspect the unit to eliminate any unwanted elements affecting your HVAC unit’s operation.

Get Your Deck Ready for Summer

It’s always relaxing to enjoy the summer weather relaxing on your deck! Unfortunately, your deck may not be clean or in perfect condition after a long winter, hence the need to make it ready for the summer. As you conduct the other summer cleanup for home practices, remember to prepare your deck for a relaxing summer using these ideas:


Clean any visible dirt in your deck. Collect the twigs and clean any snow buildup before moving on to deep cleaning. Don’t forget to add spray decks for pools to increase concrete strength and durability.

Add Lights

You might need to spend some time on the deck with your family and close friends in the summer. As such, you should ensure your deck enjoys excellent lighting to sustain you during the night hours.

Add Plants

One great way to improve the look and comfort of your deck is to add plants! If you don’t have any, find new plants, flowers, or even herbs that would improve the aesthetic of your deck ahead of summer.

Add Furniture

The fun of having a deck is to comfortably enjoy extended stays, which means you should have comfy furniture. Add new furniture, or change the cushions if they are old.

Trim Your Trees

Trimming trees is an excellent idea for summer cleanup for your home that you can try. Long tree branches may hinder the trees’ general or even threaten you and your family if they fall off.

Since you will be spending most of your time outdoors in summer, you should ensure the outdoor environment is safe and conducive, and that’s why you should plan to trim your trees. You can do it independently, but your local arborist may do it better because they have the skills and tools to accomplish the work more effectively.

Here are some benefits you will enjoy by trimming your trees in summer:

  • Remove dead/damaged tree limbs and encourage healthy growth of the tree
  • Encourage better sunlight penetration and help the fruit trees grow stronger
  • Pest control- tree trimming helps remove any infected tree braches and encourages healthy plants

Get Your Grill Ready

Remembering your grill when doing summer cleanup for your home is essential. After all, chances are high that you will use your grill more often as you relax outdoors at night. Whether you prefer charcoal or gas on your grill, here are practical tips for preparing your grill for the summertime.

Inspect It

A thorough inspection is mandatory if you haven’t used your grill for weeks or months. An inspection will help check if all the grill parts are still intact or if some need repair. Look for signs of rust during your inspection, mainly if the grill was outside during the harsh winter. Ensure there’s no dust or pests that could affect your grill’s standard functionality.

Check for Gas Leaks

Propane gas leaks could cause soapy-like build-ups on your grills, and you could feel a weird smell. Check your gas’ current level, and confirm there are no leaks. If there’s a problem with the gas, call your local propane service because gas leaks are risky and should be solved immediately.

Clean The Grill

Clean every part of your grill, including the grates, to remove any signs of rust or buildup. Allow it to dry well before you start using it.

Make Sure Your Roof Is Ready for Heat

A roof protects you and your family from harsh environmental factors like wind, so summer roof maintenance is necessary. It is one of the places you should remember to clean during your regular summer cleanup for your home. Here are helpful practices to consider when preparing your roof for the summer heat.

Inspect the Roof

Inspection is the starting point for your summertime preparation. Get a ladder and safely climb to the roof and inspect for any signs of damage. If you lack enough tools or find it risky to inspect the roof on your own, find professional roofers to do the task on your behalf for a short period.

Remove Hazards

Nearby overhanging tree branches, twigs, leaves, and debris inside the gutters are all hazards to your roof. As the summertime approaches, your roof should be clean, so you should clean everything to have a more pristine roof surface.

Repair or Replace

Fix any damaged shingles, holes, or visible cracks which could affect your comfort in the house. If the roof is damaged beyond repair, don’t hesitate to replace it with newer, more effective shingles. Since it is summer, you can consider using a cooler material on your roof to avoid excess heat.

Upgrade Your Landscape

Your backyard might look terrific after winter but it shouldn’t look that way in summer. Remember you will spend much time outdoors, so keep your landscape in mind when doing summer cleanup for your home. With a few simple practices, you can keep your flowers blooming again; keep your trees in excellent condition for your shade. Here are a few simple tips to upgrade your landscape ahead of summer.

Water Properly

Water your plants well without under or overdoing them. If possible, water the plants in the early mornings or late evenings so the water doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Create a Living Space

Do you have an outdoor space? If not, you could create a perfect outdoor living space this summer. If you need help figuring out where to start, find someone with a landscape designer business to help you create an incredible outdoor living space.

Use Potted Plants

Potted plants can add to the aesthetics of your landscape if you don’t have enough space in your landscape. Combine the suitable plant types and colors to make your yard more beautiful.

Add Lights

Lights come in handy at night when you can no longer use the natural sunlight. Find beautiful lights for your backyard if you spend quality time outside at night.

Ensure Windows are Sealing Properly

Window sealing is common in winter but is also an excellent practice that you can try during summer cleanup for your home. While window sealing helps maintain heat in winter, excellent sealing also helps regulate air, preventing the excessive heat outside from getting inside your house.

You know you should seal your windows if they have visible cracks and they quickly let in water and air. However, in some cases, you may choose window replacements over repair if the windows are old and not energy efficient. Here are the main benefits of sealing your windows during summer.

Sealing Controls Temperature

As mentioned above, effective window sealing prevents excessive warm air from entering your home. The seal, therefore, helps regulate your indoor air and prevents your cooling systems from overworking.

Sealing prevents UV damage

Did you know excess UV rays could damage your expensive furniture and other house appliances? Your curtains and carpets could quickly fade if exposed to extra light. Effective window sealing can keep off the direct rays and help prevent damage in your home.

Sealing Blocks Noise

It’s summer, and your neighbors will likely stay awake, even at night. Excellent and efficient windows can help block excess noise from entering your house, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Check Outlets on the Porch

Does your home have a porch? An outdoor porch offers shade in summer and provides a perfect space for you and your family to spend quality time in summer. Like any other outdoor recreation element, a porch requires proper electrical outlets to provide enough lighting and ambiance at night. However, the outlets may sometimes get damaged during winter, or any other time if you have spent a long time without using them. That’s why it’s essential to check the outlets of your porch during summer cleanup for your home.

Well-positioned electrical outlets organize electrical cables, making the porch safer and more attractive to spend quality time in. Therefore, one main thing you should check when inspecting your porch outlets is the functionality. Are the outlets functional or damaged? Unless you have electrical skills and tools, you should ask for an electrician service for better inspection and repair when need be. Your electrical expert may recommend new electrical outlets installation if the old ones are damaged beyond repair.

Nevertheless, ensure your porch outlets are in excellent condition so you can ditch the extension cords and use electrical gadgets like laptops on your porch.

Pool Safety Is Important

Pool safety is a vital factor when doing summer cleanup for your home. This is because, in summer, you will spend a lot of time outside and in the swimming pool. If you have children or will be inviting your friends over for quality pool time, you will need to ensure your pool is clean and safe for everyone. Here are essential tips to help you improve the safety of your pool.

Install Pool Covers

There are many reasons you should install safety pool covers, and one of them is to promote safety when no one is supervising the pool. The cover also prevents leaves, twigs, and other types of debris from getting in. A quality cover can also control the water from evaporation when the weather is extremely hot.

Install a Fence

Does your pool have a fence? If not, you may need to install a lockable gate to prevent children and other people from entering your pool when you are not around.

Get Safety Equipment

Swimming safety equipment includes lifesavers, safety hooks, and probably a phone that people can use when in danger in the swimming pool.

Clean Well

Lastly, remember to clean your swimming pool, especially if it’s been a long time since you last used it. Use suitable cleaning detergents and chemicals to kill any germs in the pool.

Look Into Solar Panels

Your solar system is more useful in summer than in any other season because it receives the most sunlight. If you use solar energy in your home, ensure your solar panels and all other system components are in excellent working condition for the best solar energy. However, checking your solar panels is not easy as you have to climb over the roof, and you should also have the skills to identify and resolve problems. You should engage a professional from a solar energy company to help you with the inspection.

During the inspection, the expert will look at the solar panel grounding and mounting to know if the panels are solid and well-mounted. The electrical system can also be inspected for shorts and other potential issues that could threaten you and your family.

If there’s a problem with the structure or electrical components, the inspector will decide whether to repair or replace the entire solar panels and install more effective ones for summer.

Final Thoughts

Summer cleanup for your home can be overwhelming, but it’s easy when you already know where to start. Hopefully, the above ten tips will help you get started with the cleanup and enjoy quality time with your family this summer!

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