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Everything Homeowners Need to Know about Quartz Countertops

Beautiful, durable, easy-care quartz is among the most popular countertop materials available. If you are considering getting quartz countertops, here are some things you should know!

The first is the cost. Quartz is usually, but not always, a little less expensive than granite, depending on the quality of the stone.

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It’s much less expensive than marble, but it’s more expensive than laminates or solid surface. The next thing you should know is how they are made and how this affects the material. Because quartz counters are made with a blend of stone and resin, the resulting surface is very hard, like granite, but also glossy and non-porous. Quartz is an engineered, or man-made, stone. It is made up of 95 percent quartzite (hence the name), and 5 percent polymer resins. Essentially, quartz is 95 percent natural, whereas other stones are 100 percent natural.

The top four high-end countertop materials are granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble. Quartz is the hardest, and thus the most durable of all four. They are scratch-resistant and heat resistant. However, they are not invincible and you will still need to practice correct handling.

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