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Roofs for Teachers Re Roofing 10 roofs in 90 days

This video is about the local roofer and the Roofs for teachers’ initiative. To find out more, watch the video.
Roofs for Teachers is a charitable effort founded by Roofing Insights, a roofing firm and directory service.

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As the video’s narrator argues, teachers are underpaid and mistreated in practically every country across the world.
While governments and communities may express their appreciation for teachers, teachers do not have the resources they require, both in and out of the classroom. Roofing Insights wishes to express gratitude to instructors by genuine acts of kindness. They want to provide one roof to a teacher in need in the United States each month through the Roofs for Teachers initiative.
Roofs for Teachers is accepting submissions from all throughout the country. Once a teacher is chosen from the submissions, the group contacts a roof repair provider near the instructor’s house. Roofing Insights will cover the entire expense of the local roofer repair, as well as providing work for the roof repair business and providing the teacher with the services their home need.
Roofs for Teachers, according to the presenter, is based on the premise that the roofing profession is full with nice individuals who want to assist others. This type of practical philanthropy has a direct, immediate influence on the recipient’s life, causing a positive chain reaction across the community. Roofing Insights chooses a charity and contributes the entire amount required.

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