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How to Inspect Commercial Properties

In this video, you will learn how to do commercial inspections, what issues are involved in general commercial inspections, what items are required in commercial inspections, and what are the most intense commercial inspections?
To do commercial inspections, you must have all the necessary items like a clipboard, pen, camera, and print out of a form. The camera enables you to take pictures of the commercial property and these pictures are the centerpiece of commercial inspections. The clipboard, pen, and a printout of a form allow you to note every relevant issue in an organized manner.

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You should start the commercial inspections of properties by taking the picture of the signage of the property if it is available. After it, take a broad view shot of the property to see how the property looks from the overall exterior perspective. Now, take the street shots of the commercial property while including the neighboring properties in the shot.
Lastly, enter the property with or without the assistance of the property manager, take pictures of the interior, and note down everything according to printed form or make your extra notes. Sometimes, the property owner requires you to not contact the property manager or anyone at the property so act accordingly.

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