Make Your House Stand Out In The Crowd

The Basic Principals Of Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the essentials of life. Without lighting, our eyes wouldn’t be able to perceive color, shapes, or any of our surroundings. It’s one of the things we take for granted, but when used properly it can make a house come alive. When it comes to home lighting, light fixtures can drastically change the feel of the home, and that’s why an indoor light fixture can change how you feel in the home in the long run.

Every space needs different lighting.

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This is described as color temperature. This analyzes the warmth or coolness of the room. It could be surprising that based on lighting alone, you could feel warmer or cooler. For instance, a yellow bulb at a low lighting could give a cozy home feel. On the flip side of that, white interior lighting gives brightness and liveliness to the room, maybe making you want to be more active.

When looking at your home for your next DIY project, think about how the lighting will affect the feel and overall flow of the room. Immediately you might be okay with the outcome, but in the long term, the lighting can influence not just what you see, but what you feel.

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