Make Your House Stand Out In The Crowd

Whole House Generators and Many Others Help During Blackouts

With energy bills costing homes and businesses the greatest amount of their annual bills, it is often safe to have a standby generator. This is because of the added expense that occurs in the event of a power outage, estimated at an overall $150 billion per year by the DOE.

Benefits of Emergency Generators

One of the valuable benefits of having standby generators is the fact that the complete loss of power, especially for several hours, causes an overall rise or fall of temperature inside any building. At this point it takes even longer to return the interior to a stable and comfortable temperature, costing more in the long run. Standby generators can at least help keep the environment inside any building at a comfortable temperature during a grid outage.

Another issue that is very important includes any refrigerator or freezer inside your home during these outages. If the power is out for more than four hours, then it is likely that the majority of the food will go bad, costing you the need of replenishing all of it afterward.

The Need for Generator Installation

With almost three percent of your annual income typically spent on energy, there is no real reason to add to that when power outages occur. Considering the fact that data collection on blackouts began in the mid-1980s there is much to think about with the need of maintaining at least a steady amount of power inside a building. Because this data has shown the number of outages to have increased by 285% since the beginning of data collection there is much to gain from maintaining power.

Generator Size Calculator

You should consider what you need to power and how much wattage will be needed when calculating the size of standby generators for your home or other building. Generator installers should be able to help with this, especially considering the needs of specific homes or even office buildings. These are often the whole house generators that are able to maintain overall power, utilities, and appliances, at least at a basic amount to help support the essential activities of your home.

No matter what may happen at the time of a power outage, whether it is a simple accident or a complete grid outage, standby generators are able to help keep things going. Food can remain safe, the utility and energy bills remain steady, and a great deal of potential for safety overall.

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