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9 Tips for Bringing Wood Feng Shui Into Your Home

The term, “Feng Shui,” is a Chinese term. The English translation is “wind-water.” Feng Shui is used by homeowners to bring more harmony into their home by making everything work together. This can include the way items are placed in a space. Another way is to use the energy most associated with wood. From bringing in custom architectural wood carvings to putting other wood carving designs or even the right plants, here are some tips to add wood Feng Shui elements to your home:

  1. Get the right plants. These do more for your home than impact your Feng Shui. Studies show that looking at green vegetation can reduce your stress level and the plants can keep your air quality up. Some people who enjoy cooking have fragrant herbs growing in the kitchen to keep everything in harmony.
  2. Bring in some wood figurines or statues. Whether you go for custom architectural wood carvings, ready-made statues or figurines, you up the wood Feng Shui in your home. The good news when it comes to carvings, statues, and figurines, you are limited only by your imagination and style.
  3. Add wall murals with wood to your home. One of the best ways to bring wood Feng Shui into your living space is to add murals with wood themes. You can use your murals to add both water and wood Feng Shui energy to your home. If your murals show images of water (rivers, lakes, oceans) along with images of wood (plants, wood objects), you can create a calm space with powerful energy.
  4. Bring Buddha into your home. One of the most popular sculptures people like to have in their home is the Buddha. Buddha statues made of wood can bring in calm energy into your home. You get both the wood Feng Shui energy and the calm and positive energy from the Buddha.
  5. Use colors that evoke wood Feng Shui. Custom architectural wood carvings, traditional corbels, and other actual wood items are not the only ways to get the wood Feng Shui element into your home. When you paint or stain your walls, you can use colors that evoke that kind of energy. These colors are brown and green. You have a lot of options within these color groups.
  6. Bring in some wood art. This can mean a number of things. The art you hang on your walls can be images of nature. You can take photos of nature. Picture frames made of wood can enhance this energy. You can also hang art in which wood colors dominate (these are the browns and greens). There are a lot of ways to bring Feng Shui wood energy into your home with pieces of art.
  7. Hang some bamboo chimes. These are wonderful in the way they look and the sounds they made, which most people find to be soothing. Some people hang these chimes as part of a Feng Shui cure. They are popular among many different people, whether they want to bring a wood Feng Shui energy into their homes or just want to hang something pretty.
  8. Bring more bamboo into your home. Some refer to this as “lucky bamboo.” You can buy items to place in and around your home that are referred to as “lucky bamboo.” If you want a more natural barrier around your property, you can plant actual bamboo rather than a fence. You have to take care if you go with the actual, live bamboo as it grows very fast.
  9. Use wood colors for your throw pillows, rugs, and other accessories. If you are decorating your home with these colors, it is easy to add decorative elements to your living space. This is an inexpensive and easy way to amp up the wood Feng Shui energy in your living space. This works even better when you use pretty natural materials such as cotton or silk.

When many people think of adding wood Feng Shui into their home, they may think of custom architectural wood carvings, wood onlays, and other actual wood items. It is possible to bring more of
this kind of energy into your home with artwork, live plants, and the right colors and natural fabrics..

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