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When Do You Need a Plumber?

We live in a world where all of the answers we want are right at our fingertips. This includes all kinds of DIY plumbing hacks and how-to plumbing videos. When your toilet or sinks aren’t acting right it can be very easy to pull out your phone, do a quick search, and find a solution.

However, not all DIY solutions are long term fixes. You might be using a temporary solution for a more serious problem. Plunging your sink to unclog it is a simple enough thing to handle on your own, but if clogged drains are a continuous issue in your home then you be dealing with a deeper issue.

Sometimes it’s okay to handle things on your own, but other times it’s best to bring in an expert. Calling a plumbing company is sometimes the smart thing to do so that you don’t make the problem worse in the long run. Read on for some examples of situations that call for the expertise of plumbing services.


Whether it be water heaters, sinks, or toilets, it’s usually best to leave the installation of new equipment to a professional. There are plenty of videos online about installing water heaters, but if you make a mistake it can cause other issues and then you will end up calling a plumber anyway.

Lower Than Normal Water Pressure

If you’re experiencing water pressure that is lower than normal, it’s a good idea to call for assistance. The cause can be challenging to pinpoint due to the different pipes and systems that are involved in a home’s plumbing system. An expert can help you find out what is causing the problem so that it can be fixed in a timely manner.

Regular Backups

If the drains in your house are clogging and backing up on a regular basis it’s likely that there is a bigger issue. No matter how many times you plunge or flush the drains you’re going to keep having problems until that source is found and fixed.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes aren’t something to play around with, because of the flooding and water damage they can cause. You could end up paying much more in repairs than you would just calling a plumbing services and getting the problem fixed.

Any Major or Recurring Issue

The above items are just some of the more common problems that can arise in a home. Problems with water heaters, sewage smells, and frozen pipes can also warrant a call to a professional, among other things. If a problem seems major or is recurring, then you should probably close out Google and dial your local plumbing service instead.

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