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How Deep Cleaning Can Make Your Office Healthier and More Productive

Office and residential cleaning services can keep your home and office looking their best, but they also serve another purpose. They can help to keep your living and working spaces healthier as well. Dirty carpets, grubby corners and even desks and doorknobs are homes for tens of thousands of germs and bacteria that can have a harmful effect on your health. Professional cleaning can get the dirt and germs out of your environment much more efficiently than you can on your own. Like most people, you may not even have the time to deep clean every week. A weekly cleaning by professional cleaners can be the key to a happier and more productive workplace.

Is your work making you sick?
Offices are unhealthy places. Apart from the sitcom jokes, the truth is that any place where large numbers of people gather for long hours is bound to be a home for germs. The germs and harmful bacteria can take up residence anywhere. Dirty carpets, upholstery, desktops, doorknobs and even the seemingly-harmless computer mouse can all hold thousands of germs. In fact, it’s been estimated that office phones can hold as many as 25,000 germs per square inch.
Of course, phones are not the only place where harmful germs and bacteria are lurking. Altogether, office workers come into contact with about 10 million bacteria every day. Breaking this down by location, we find that there are about 21,000 germs per square inch on every keyboard, chair and computer mouse. A desk alone can harbor about 10 million bacteria on average.

How office cleaning can help
All of this means that offices are seriously unhealthy spaces. It’s not surprising that office managers dread flu season, when the workplace becomes an endless merry-go-round of infection. Colds, coughs and sneezes are endemic too, and the cycle of illness affects workflow and productivity. Whether your office workers call in sick or they bring their germs to work with them, there doesn’t seem to be a simple solution to the problem.
However, speciality cleaning services can help, by doing weekly deep cleaning rounds to reduce the number of germs and bacteria floating around in your office. Offices that have opted to clean just the desks by disinfecting them have seen the number of sick days reduced by 30%. Office cleaning services can help, because they know the right way to deep clean.

The proper way to deep clean
Most people don’t have the time to do the deep cleaning necessary to get rid of germs and bacteria. Speciality cleaning services on the other hand, staffed by trained professional cleaners, can get into the nooks and corners, steam clean dirty carpets, reach the topmost shelves, and get at wherever those germs are hiding out. Desks can be some of the germiest places, since most office workers tend to eat lunch there, even if there is a special lunch room or lounge for employees. All of these will get special attention from the cleaning crew.
Professional cleaners know the right way to clean sofas and upholstery. They know that you have to leave antibacterial cleaners on a surface for at least 30 to 60 seconds before before it wiping away, for it to be effective. In fact, they can help to make your office a much healthier place. Professional office cleaning services can help your office deal with the problem of sick days and low productivity.

People spend about a third of their days at work. But offices can be unhealthy places, full of germs and bacteria. That’s why flu season can take such a devastating toll on office attendance. Professional cleaning services that can tackle dirty carpets, bacteria-laden surfaces and window cleaning can all help make your office a healthier and more productive place.

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