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4 Window Treatments To Think About Installing This Winter

Window treatment companies provide custom curtains, blinds, and drapes that suit the owner’s personal home. Cut-to-order mini blinds are made by cutting an even amount of both sides of the headrail. Blinds are attractive window treatments and decorations, but store-bought blinds can be costly. Therefore, you can design your own blinds at home to save money. A basic blind can be made by sewing cloth and fabric lining together. You can also repurpose components from old store-bought blinds or sew dowel rods onto the fabric to roll up the blinds.

House beautiful curtains are not the only aspects you should consider for your window. Always assess the ease of maintenance, size, style, affordability, and durability. The three types of textured window blinds are woven wood, faux wood, and wood. All three can be used to improve the look of any area in your house. Window blinds allow you to limit the amount of light that enters your room. Blinds can close fully, tilt or open to allow the required amount of light into your room.

Winter may not be here in force for another few weeks, but daylight savings and chillier weather have already made a grand entrance. You may already have your summer clothes put away and your extra throw blankets set out on the couch, but are your home’s windows as ready as you are?

Even if your windows are well insulated, window treatments can help to keep your home warmer, brighter, and more energy-efficient during the winter months.

But what window treatments are great to install on your windows this winter? Here are some of the top treatments to consider.

  1. Blackout blinds. You may think that blackout blinds might not do you much good during the winter months, but they can actually help out during the early mornings. If you work at home, the winter months will often gift you with an early morning glare. Blackout blinds can help to keep the glare out and the sunlight in.
  2. Plantation shutters. Custom plantation shutters are some of the most energy-efficient window treatments you can find. Your windows may be prone to drafts, even if they’re well insulated. Plantation shutters help to give your windows an extra layer of insulation to shut out the cold and keep the warm air inside.
  3. Sheer curtains. It can be a struggle to get the right amount of vitamin D during the winter months. You may also feel your home is a little darker what with barely nine hours of sunlight. Sheer curtains may be exactly what you need to get as much sunlight in your home as possible during the day. The more sunlight you let into your home, the less often you’ll need to turn on the lights in the middle of the afternoon.
  4. Draperies. You don’t necessarily need to have specific shutters to better insulate your home this winter. Although custom plantation shutters are a great option, custom draperies can also serve as an extra layer of insulation to help keep the cold out and the heat in.

Where can I get custom plantation shutters?

If you’re looking to upgrade your home and you want window treatments that will last you for years, custom plantation shutters are one of your best options. Shutters can last for up to 20 years on average.

Whether you’re looking for custom plantation shutters, blackout blinds, draperies, or roller shades, there are a variety of options for beautifying your home inside and out.

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