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Looking At Choosing The Paint For Your Home

The way that you decorate your home can say a lot about your personality as well as your personal style. From your wall decor to your furniture, there are many ways that you can express yourself through decoration. The color of your walls and whether you use paint or wallpaper can also have an impact, even if it is just a good background for the other elements of decor that you include.

In fact, neutral colors are quite popular in homes all throughout the United States. Nearly a half of all respondents to a survey said that stye would choose neutral colors, beiges and grays, in a home that they purchased or a home that they’re altering in some way. Aside from natural and neutral colors, blue bathrooms have also become very popular, so much so that a home with a blue bathroom will even sell for an additional $5000 than would otherwise be possible.

Aside from the color of your paint, you’ll need to consider the safety of your paint as well, something that far too many people don’t even realize is a concern. Unfortunately, volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) are found in far too many paints and the use of paint with these volatile organic compounds can lead to a number of health concerns, particularly when VOCs are found in paint in children’s room (thus necessitating baby safe paint for cribs and the like) as children are likely to be more susceptible to the negative impact of volatile organic compounds.

And the negative effects can be many. In up to one quarter of all children exposed to volatile organic compounds over an extended period of time, instances of asthma rose by as much as 100% and instances of eczema rose by as much as 150%. Rhinitis, caused by many other things as well, rose in direct correlation to exposure to volatile organic compounds by as much as 320%. While not all of these complications are necessarily life threatening or even particularly dangerous, they can be annoying and detrimental to the overall quality of life experienced by children of all ages.

Even in office spaces, the effects of volatile organic compounds can be pronounced. Though children are most prominently impacted by the use of paint with VOCs present within it (when baby safe paint for cribs has not been used), adults can be impacted by volatile organic compounds as well, particularly when it comes to overall cognitive function. In fact, one study conducted with one office space had considerably impressive results in determining the exact ways in which volatile organic compounds can affect the human brain – even the adult human brain – in a negative way.

This study found that when the members of the office were removed from their office space and worked for just six days in an office space with no volatile organic compounds present, their cognitive scores increased impressively. In fact, the average increase seen in their cognitive scores was one that was more than 100%. This clearly shows that paints with volatile organic compounds can impact and impair even the most intelligent – and the most professional and hardworking – of people.

Fortunately, simply choosing the right paint can make a considerable difference in your home. When preparing the nursery for a new baby, only use baby safe paint for cribs. This baby safe paint for cribs will be free of volatile organic compounds and such baby safe paint for cribs will be non toxic. In the event that your child, when a little older, tries to chew on their crib bars as some (many) children do, the baby safe paint for cribs that is on it will pose no real threat.

In addition to this, picking out paint for painting a porch, painting concrete floors, and painting floors in general can all be done safely and without the use of volatile organic compounds. Simply ask an employee at the store you are buying paint from to help you choose a paint that is safe for use for people of all ages, from safe paint for the nursery to baby safe paint for cribs to even a safe and volatile organic compound free satin varnish.

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