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The Benefits Of Good Landscaping

As many landscape architects will tell you, landscaping your lawn can have a number of positive benefits, from increasing the overall value of your home to even just increasing your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. When considering a landscaping project of your lawn, landscape architects should be consulted as they can inform you on how to best upgrade your outdoor spaces. Landscaping services may be an upfront cost, but they are one that more than pays for themselves.

For those looking to soon put their home on the market, upgrading their landscaping is advised by the vast majority of real estate agents. Real estate agents tend to recommend the implementation of a landscape service as it can increase the resale value of a home by as much as fifteen percent. Landscaping has also been shown to help properties sell in six weeks or less after being placed on the market, a considerable difference when compared to those homes that did not upgrade their landscaping.

Landscape architects know, however, that the majority of home owners are simply looking to upgrade their outdoor spaces for their own enjoyment. More than eighty percent of homeowners think that having a lawn is important and of those lawn owners, around ninety percent think that keeping their yard well maintained is just as important as having one in the first place. Nearly seventy percent of all home owners in the United States agree that hiring landscaping architects to improve the condition of their yards would help their yards to be nicer overall.

When hiring landscape architects, many people are simply looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces more, with more than sixty percent looking to enjoy, in particular, their backyards. After an outdoor space has benefited from the landscape ideas of professional landscaping architects, it has been found that the home owners spend up to six more hours in their yards, partaking in common activities such as gardening and even hosting barbecues.

Many people who use their yards for entertaining will add a number of common architectural additions under the supervision of landscape architects. Some of these popular additions include fire pits, decks, and arbors, as well as wireless internet connectivity, something that has grown increasingly popular in our modern digital age. Patios are another common feature to add to a backyard space, and landscape architects and real estate agents alike have noted that a patio is one of the top things that prospective home buyers look for when looking into purchasing a new home.

There are many reasons that a household may choose to upgrade their outdoor spaces. They range from preparing to put their home on the market to simply wanting to enjoy their outdoor areas more. No matter what the reason, however, it’s important to consult the professionals when embarking on a landscaping endeavor, as these professionals can best instruct you on landscape design trends and what will increase the value of your home by the most.

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