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Is There Radon in Your Home? Why the Answer Might Shock You

Radon testing companies

For the average American, radon is a word we hear in high school chemistry class, only to be forgotten shortly afterward.

Yet this seemingly unassuming chemical is also a radioactive compound that is present in a shocking number of homes. Approximately one in 15 homes in the U.S. is said to have radon levels at or exceeding the EPA’s action level; as a result, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer today. And because radon can be neither smelled nor seen, the only way way to tell if it’s present in your house is to seek out a residential radon testing service.

There is some good news, however: If radon is found to be present in your home, it’s possible to mitigate your home’s radon levels and bring them down to safe levels. And in many places, radon testing is available at little to no cost.

Still not convinced of the risks that radon can pose in your home? Take a look at these three other reasons why every homeowner should take precautions against radon:

Radon is undetectable by humans

As stated earlier, radon has no scent or color, meaning it’s impossible to detect without radon testing equipment. It’s estimated that 21,000 Americans die each year from radon-caused lung cancer, making it the leading environmental cause of cancer deaths in the country. For this reason, getting a radon test isn’t just beneficial to your health — it might literally save your life.

Energy-efficient homes worsen the problem

Newer home constructions tend to be more energy-efficient, which is advantageous in many ways except one. When homes are more efficient at keeping air from escaping outside, they’re also more efficient at keeping radon trapped inside your home. Because of this, it’s best to be aware of the radon levels within your home.

Radon levels can fluctuate

Did you know that the levels of radon present within a house can vary over time? Because of this, the most accurate way to get an idea of your home’s radon levels is to get a residential radon testing service performed multiple times over a span of time, rather than just once, to find out of the levels ever exceed the EPA’s action level.

Radon is one of the biggest silent killers found in American homes today, but few homeowners know of its risks. Residential radon testing services can help you find out if this chemical is present in your house — and let you know if you should invest in a radon mitigation service to get rid of it.

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