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Four Tips for Finding a Good HVAC Repairman

Many people would agree that the air conditioner is very important, particularly during hot summers. However, they do tend to take it for granted until something goes wrong with it. When something goes wrong with it, it is a good idea to already have the contact information for AC repair professionals, so that you know who to call right away.

When it comes to air conditioning service, budget is always going to be a consideration. After all, you do not have an unlimited amount of money to spend. This is why you might wonder about factors such as the AC drain line clogged cost and AC fix price. There are many needs that you might have that pertain to your air conditioner, which is why you might wonder exactly how much certain things are going to cost and what the repairs are going to entail. For example, if you are bringing someone to your home to do AC furnace service, what is going to happen is going to be very different from someone who is experiencing AC in-house not turning on. If you have any questions about what needs to be done with your HVAC system, it would definitely be a good idea to contact the professionals and have them come and do an inspection.


Your HVAC systems are a critical part of your home. Your homes HVAC systems provide you warmth in the cold days of winter and cool you down in the miserable days of summer. Your HVAC systems aren’t just for comfort; depending on the climate you live in, you might rely on the HVAC systems in your home for the health and safety of the people in your home.

Making sure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning as they should is also important for your wallet’s health. Your air conditioning unit is the biggest user of energy in you home, even if it’s functioning as it should. If it isn’t running efficiently or the air ducts are leaking, we’re talking about hundreds upon thousands of your hard earned money just flying out the window on your energy bill. And Lord have mercy, if you have to replace your HVAC system, that’s going to be a serious punch in the bank account.

Given how important your heating and cooling services are, it’s critical to find a HVAC contractor who knows what they’re doing. You don’t want to entrust your heating and cooling system to someone who is going to damage it more, or hurt the energy efficiency, or reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system. To help you on this quest, we’ve put together a quick guide to finding a qualified HVAC contractor:

Four Tips for Finding a Good HVAC Repairman

    1. Do your homework.
      Before you call an HVAC contractor, take some time to understand your own system and what’s going wrong. Look up the make and model of your HVAC system. If you have access to it, collect the maintenance history of your system. Do an internet search on the symptoms your particular HVAC unit is experiencing. If your problem is something that is common of your type of HVAC system, you’ll get a long list of solutions for it. Then, you can call your HVAC guy armed with information on what’s wrong and the kind of maintenance you need.

      If you don’t know a thing about your heating and cooling system, you’ll have to believe whatever the repairman tells you. Knowing what’s up will empower you to identify the contractors who are trustworthy and competent.


    1. Understand the licensing and insurance requirements in your area.
      The licensing requirements of contractors who work on HVAC systems vary from one state to the next. Take some time to read up on what is required of contractors in your area before looking for an HVAC contractor. This is the bare minimum that you should require of the contractor who works on your system. If they have additional certifications or credentials, it’s icing on the cake!

      We’ll throw this in for free: Unfortunately, scams in the home building industry are not a myth. Make sure to collect the licensing and insurance numbers from the contractor, and then contact the state board who issues them and verify them. Also verify the name of the contractor matches that of their licensing information.


    1. Take advantage of word of mouth.
      An HVAC contractor might go to great lengths to present themselves as competent, but it’s hard to tell if they really are. However, if a contractor has provided great service for a friend or family member, it’s a good sign that they’ll do the same for you. Ask around for recommendations from coworkers, neighbors, friends, and other people who work in the general contractor industry. If that fails you, contact a local trade office or a home management business, or you can always read up on reviews from people who have used HVAC contractors on the interwebs.


  1. Ask about specialties.
    If you have a big job, such as a total HVAC installation, it is particularly important to find a contractor who knows what they’re doing. It’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your HVAC system and ask for recommendations, you look for people who are certified to work on your specific model of AC unit. If you have a specialty HVAC system, such as an energy efficient model or a ductless mini split system, look for a contractor who specializes in that exact type of heating and cooling service.

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