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From Travertine To Terrazzo Tiles Maintenance And Cleaning

People may spend hours cleaning their floors, and they still might not be entirely happy with the results. The floors might look clean, but those floors could still have a somewhat dull and worn appearance. People will often want clean tile and more. Something as simple as ceramic floor tile polish can have a strong effect on the appearance of a tiled floor. Even cheap grout cleaner can also help and these products can be more effective than people might think.Now more than ever, homeowners are very particular about their floors. They want their floors to look not only good, but stylish. No longer are they simply utilitarian parts of the home. Rather, they express a certain element of style to homes and commercial buildings alike.

One style of flooring can make an area look fashionable, whereas another would suggest an element of datedness that some homeowners simply can’t abide by. However, if you’ve put a lot of time into picking out your flooring, you’ll also want to put a lot of time into making that flooring look clean and bright. But with that being said, some types of flooring are easier to clean than others. In fact, it may be impossible for the owners of houses or buildings to clean some types of floors on their own. They’re forced to have them cleaned professionally — but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A professional floor cleaning or polishing guarantees great results, and for that matter ensures you have some extra time on your hands that won’t be spent on cleaning. Let’s look into how often certain types of floors need to be cleaned — and for that matter, how they should be maintained.

Different Flooring With Different Needs

As we mentioned above, not all types of flooring are made equally. Flooring goes far beyond hardwood. One type of flooring that can be seen both in residential homes — often in courtyards — and commercial buildings is terrazzo. This flooring’s history dates back 1500 years, and has a distinct look. It typically costs about $7 to $10 per foot, and is notable for what it’s made of. A terrazzo floor can be made with 100% recycled glass, which could contain as much as 75% recycled raw material by volume. In today’s world, flooring experts often prefer thinset terrazzo, with epoxy resin and colored chips. It’s poured into a slab that’s 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch deep. A travertine mosaic floor, on the other hand, is an alternative that looks similarly antiqued and lovely. Then there is the classic tile floor. Despite their somewhat similar appearances, there’s a big difference between, saying, terrazzo floor polishing and travertine polishing. And this doesn’t just go for polishing; many companies handle polishing, terrazzo cleaning, tile restoration, and much more. Due to its unique nature, terrazzo cleaning and caretaking in example might require a professional hand.

From Terrazzo Floor Polishing To Various Restorations

Professional polishing may not seem like a need for some homeowners. And indeed, certain types of flooring do not require regular professional polishing jobs. Terrazzo floor polishing is a must for this type of flooring. This is because dust and dirt can get caught in the crevices of terrazzo floors, just as it can with tile and travertine floors. Regular terrazzo cleaning is a must, as is terrazzo floor polishing. With that being said, there are times when a floor has been let go to the point that it can’t be cleaned anymore — in the case of terrazzo, a terrazzo floor restoration must be undertaken. A restoration is by no means impossible, but it is a daunting task. This, among other reasons, is why it’s recommended that floors are regularly maintained and cared for. What confuses some homeowners is why these floors should be cared for professionally. Why is it that we have to turn to professionals for floor cleanings, polishings, and restorations?

Professional Work And Professional Results
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Professional floor care services can give people the opportunity to make it look as if their floors were recently installed. These carpet and tile cleaning services won’t just make the floors look clean, although the floors certainly will be much cleaner than they were previously. The floors will look almost unused. It’s difficult for people to achieve that effect without the right cleaning materials and supplies, even if they work very hard at the cleaning process.

When floors are professionally cleaned, the results typically last for a long period of time. People may also find it much easier to clean those floors again in the future. The stains that are difficult to eliminate will be gone, and lightly cleaning the floor will be easier.

There are many reasons why people choose to have their floors professionally maintained. As mentioned before, it provides better results and saves homeowners time. Another issue that isn’t often considered is the level of maintenance professionals can put into flooring. They can ensure that your floors don’t get to the point that they need restoration. However, should they get to that point, a professional restoration will have your floors lasting for years to come.

Your floors don’t have to last forever — but they need to last for a long time to come. This is why you shouldn’t waste any time on trying amateur fixes; leave it to the professionals!

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