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How You Can Keep Tile Flooring Sparkling Like New

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In many kitchens and bathrooms across America, homes have tile floors because of their durability. In fact, tile made up about 12.5% of sales in the U.S., totaling about $18.76 billion. However, many people don’t know how to clean tile floors properly. This can result in mold buildup in your home, leading to sickness and overall uncleanliness. Read on for the best way to clean tile floors, and save yourself the trouble of a larger issue later!

Tile cleaning should start out with a clean sweep with a broom to remove any dust or other loose particles on the floor. Sweeping should be done every day or at least every other day throughout the life of your flooring, otherwise these loose particles can be mashed into the floor and turn into grime that can be nearly impossible to remove.

Next, you should mop the floor with warm water. It’s important to note that if you want to keep up on tile floor cleaning, you should be doing this weekly or biweekly; again, this will reduce grime buildup. If there are a couple of small stains, try mixing a little bit of detergent to see if they come out.

If you haven’t kept up on proper care, or the floors have just taken a beating, the next step is to deep clean. This includes grout cleaning and a deep clean. For a deep clean, there are tons of choices for home cleansing mixtures. The two most popular are a white vinegar/warm water mix or a scouring powder/warm water mix. For grout cleaning, it’s best to keep away from harsh chemicals, and use a white vinegar/water mix or a paste. You can also call in a professional for this part. To protect gout once it’s clean, you can apply a topical sealant, but every one or two years, you’ll have to reapply it.

Did this help you learn how to clean tile floors, or did you already know these? Do you have any home treatments that work better? Let us know!

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