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What Are the Best Fire Rated Windows?

Steel windows and doors

If your smile is a window to your soul, then the actual windows to your house indicate what? Your attention to design detail? Your efforts to keep your family safe from the elements and intruders? Your desire to make environmentally friendly decisions about even the windows you choose for your home? Fire rated windows, for example, can protect your family during emergency situations, and yet still look stylish while at the same time being energy efficient.
It just makes sense that fire rated windows that can help protect your home from flames spreading too quickly would also be able to keep out the heat of the sun, making your energy costs more affordable. It also makes good sense that fire rated windows that protect your family from flames would also be able to protect your home from intruders.
Making a choice form a gallery of standard color choices, the newest window options can easily match any design decor you may have. More importantly, these metal windows are not subject to the warping and other damage possibilities that wood windows experience. A metal window also does less shrinking and growing in varied weather climates, allowing for a better seal, keeping your home more energy efficient.
Metal window manufacturers offer a variety of other metal window options as well. These fire safe products can be hung singly or doubly, they can come with or without a screen, and the homeowner can make a choice of several opening options.
While providing both beauty and convenience, metal windows and doors also provide protection for the loved ones inside your home. Did you know, for example, that every 13 seconds a home intrusion occurs, and 30% of these break-ins are through an unlocked window or door? Old wooden windows and doors that are difficult to close and lock because of warping, simply do not offer the protection that new metal windows and doors can provide,
While these windows with low energy coatings can cost as much as 30% more, they can also add to the resale value of your home, while also providing a monthly savings to your energy bill. Anytime you are saving energy you are lowering your own individual costs to run your home, but you are also lowering the impact that your family’s energy consumption is having on the planet.
What is your next remodeling project, or are you beginning plans for building your dream home? Either way, it is important to consider all of your building choices and options. None of these decisions, however, will literally allow your neighbors to see into the soul of your home the way metal windows will.

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