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Should I Buy a Garage Opener From a Home Store?

Garage door opens slowly

Your garage door broke and left your garage door uneven, and now you must decide if you should invest in a new one and where you should go to get it. 84% of a new garage door investment will be recouped by a homeowner, and the average home buyer, 53%, wants a two stall garage. So how will you choose between buying an opener at a retail store, or buying a professional grade opener and having it professionally installed.
The main difference between a professionally installed door opener and a retail one is found in the rail. Professional grade openers are installed with a solid one piece beam rail, while retail openers come with a three-piece assembly.
A multi-piece retail rail has many problems that come with it. They lack strength which will often cause the need for repairing a garage door opener in the near future. Also, multi-piece rails often tend to make a lot of noise, which will result in an annoying squeaky garage door.
A professional grade rail model will have a high amount of strength and are superior in quality compared to a retail rail. They cost can be slightly less or slightly more than a retail rail, basically making cost irrelevant when deciding between the two. Professional garage door installation will also ensure that your door is balanced and is operating properly, which will add to the openers lifetime.
Something as small as a loose spring that makes your garage door uneven, can be avoided when hiring a professional garage door service. Their materials are superior to store boughten ones, and their knowledge of installation exceeds what is written in an instruction manual. Cost vs. Value reports that an average replacement of a garage door is $1,496, which can be avoided if you hire a professional in the first place.

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