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Tile Cleaning 101 The Best Ways to Clean Your Various Tile Surfaces

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If your tile surfaces take a lot of wear and tear, you’ll need to clean them regularly to maintain their original beauty and protect against damage. As a homeowner, the care and keeping of tile is an important process. How do you know the best way to clean them? Read below for a quick guide on how to care for your tile floors.

The best way to clean tile floors varies based on what type of material the stone is made of. The first step is to first assess the type of tile you have. Different types of tile call for different methods of cleaning and preservation. For example, marble floors need to be polished; simply wiping the surface just won?t do. By polishing your marble floors and surfaces, you?re protecting it against scratches and wear.
Travertine floor cleaning requires its own special labor as well. Prevent holes from forming by keeping your travertine floors free from soil. If the holes in the travertine reappear, you?ll need to seal them up to repair them. Travertine polishing may be necessary if your floor is exceptionally dirty and in need of a total restoration.
Terrazzo floors may need a complete polishing to restore their original beauty ? scrubbing them manually will not get the floors as shiny as they can be. Thin set terrazzo is made from a mix of epoxy resin and colored chips, often made of marble. Just like your marble surfaces, terrazzo floors will dazzle once polished, erasing years of wear and tear Dating back over 1500 years, terrazzo has a history for being long lasting a durable. However, you must care for it if you want it to last a lifetime.
When it comes to traditional ceramic tile, the grout and tile itself can attract and trap dirt. The best way to clean tile floors is to take a multistep approach. Before even applying water and soap, you?ll need to sweep the surface clean. Then, you should mop the floor with hot water. Many people use a vinegar mixture as an all-natural cleaning aid. Grout cleaning is a bit more labor intensive, as you have to scrub it thoroughly to lift away all the dirt and grime. Once cleaned, you may want to apply a topical grout sealant to protect it from such heavy dirt buildup.
Although you can clean tile yourself, the best way to clean tile floors will always be to hire a professional. A professional tile restoration company has the knowledge and the tools necessary to tend to each type of surface. They will ensure your tile is clean, protected, and looking good as new.

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