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No More Excuses It’s Time for a High Efficiency AC Unit

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Not all air conditioning unit is created equally. At one end of the spectrum you have the tiny AC boxes designed to fit inside an apartment window, and on the other you have the giat air conditioning installation designed to serve giant hotels and commercial spaces. But there’s even a huge amount of variation among residential AC units you would find in the average American home.

And while most people can get away with a mediocre AC system, consumers who live in places like Arizona and Florida need a reliable air conditioner that can deal with the famous Southwestern sunshine or Florida humidity.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Air Conditioners…

If there’s one takeaway from this AC article, let it be this: there is a massive difference in quality between AC systems made before 2008.

That means if your home’s HVAC system is more than a decade old, it’s already hopelessly out of date. And while you might be thinking that calling your local HVAC company for a new installation is out of your price range, think again.

We aren’t going to lie and say that a new AC system will be cheap. It won’t be. But it will save you money in the long run. How is that possible?

Energy Star Certified Air Conditioners Make a HUGE Difference

Some consumers wrongly believe that things like Energy Star certifications and energy efficiency are some kind of pointless label used by AC services. No matter what you believe about the politics of climate change, energy efficient appliances are the right choice. That’s because energy efficient also means cost efficient, as any HVAC company will tell you.

The less energy required to keep your home nice and cool, the lower your monthly electrical bills will be. In fact, air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity consumed in the entire country! So if you’re putting off air conditioning maintenance — don’t.

Air conditioning companies are currently installing far more efficient and reliable systems than they were just a few years ago, so there’s never been a better time to stop procrastinating and schedule an appointment.

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