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3 Cheap And Easy Ways To Conserve Space In Your Kitchen


3 Cheap And Easy Ways To Conserve Space In Your Kitchen

I recently bought a slow cooker with the idea in mind that I would save on groceries. While I can now cook and store more food, I didn?t realize that most of my buying would be in bulk. With my kitchen being cramped already, I set about figuring out some low cost ways to add more space. My family recommended moving furniture and possibly taking out a wall or removing the fireplace? I opted for more thrifty options. Here are some simple and cost effective ways of adding space to a crowded kitchen.

  1. Don?t Remodel, Reuse
  2. I love to cook, and my meager kitchen happens to open directly into my living room, giving me a great view of my fireplace. When I took on this space saving mission, it seemed like there would be no way to get around blocking my view. However, I simply used an old piece of furniture that I was going to throw away, a small coffee table. Cutting the legs off of this piece of junk and covering it with some fabric turned it into a spice rack that was about three times smaller than my old one. You know what I did with that old one? I screwed in a picture frame latch on the back and glued a few pieces of plastic on the front. Bam, a custom made hanging wine rack!

  3. Clear Out Those Cabinets
  4. Now that I reoriented my spice rack and made a killer wine holder, it was time to find space for my bulk items. I found that every cabinet had things I would use frequently in the front, but in the back there was a deep and crowded hole of stuff that I forgot I ever owned. These are custom wood kitchen cabinets that the previous owner had installed, and they were huge in comparison to my small kitchen. However, these custom made cabinets proved very beneficial! I cleared them out and stored potatoes, flour, corn starch, and other large items that I don?t use every day. It is amazing how much space I made by simply clearing out those cabinets and restocking them with things I will actually use, and I can still see my fireplace.

  5. When You Are Out Of Ideas, Look Up!
  6. I still had one problem after reusing old things and clearing out those cabinets; my pots and pans had no home. I put my precious new wine rack where they used to hang, and I didn?t want to stuff them in one of the cabinets. This is when I remembered that my dad had given me an oversized grill that I had never used. I simply took the cooking grate off of it, tied some string to it, installed some hook screws to the ceiling, and hung it up. I now have easy access to all of my pots and pans right over my head, and I must say? many compliments on the ultra modern new kitchen.

    What about you? Do you have any space saving ideas for a kitchen on a budget? Let us know in the comments below.

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