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Do You Need to Hire A Residential Painter?

Oak lawn painting

A residential painter can offer many services for the average homeowner. They can make visual and even energy improvements to nearly every part of your home.
When most homeowners think of residential painters they often associate them with exterior painting jobs. For example, professional painters can help house owners think of exterior color schemes in terms of threes: one paint color for the main body, one for the trim, and a third color to accent doors and shutters. In addition to the typical outdoor painting projects though, residential painters also offer other services. For example, if applied under your roof deck, low-emissivity (low-E) paint can cut heat transfer by anywhere from 5% to 8%. This simple painting project can produce an annual energy savings of up to 15%.
Outdoor painting jobs that home owners sometimes contract out also include deck painting and staining, as well as similar work on wooden fences and front porch railings. Outside jobs often take a little more scheduling and planning because the work often depends upon temperatures and other weather conditions. For instance, most paints handle temperatures only as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit until they are dry, and some paints do not work well in weather that is too hot. Outdoor painting jobs also require enough drying time. Exterior latex paint takes two to three hours to dry; oil paint, on the other hand, is dry to the touch within four hours.
Obviously, a professional painting contractor can also provide an entire menu of painting services inside your home as well. In a 2014 survey of 1,700 homeowners, one-third had hired painting professionals within the last year. Many of these painters were hired for larger tasks and services. In fact, 85% of homeowners who call professional painters have projects that require painting two or more rooms. Hiring a painter especially makes sense if you have rooms or entryways with vaulted ceilings or indoor peaks. A professional will have the appropriate ladders and other tools to make quick work of many of your painting tasks.
Professional painting services can also provide a variety of special painting techniques to create everything from unique cabinet finishes to faux painting techniques on entire walls. Painters are also often skilled in wallpaper removal and installation, or can make a recommendation for another contractor.
Many tasks around the home are easily completed by homeowners themselves. More complicated jobs like painting, however, are often more successful and completed more quickly if you hire a professional.

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