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3 Reasons to Invest in Fire Rated Windows

Residential steel windows and doors

Fire rated windows and doors might be new to a lot of people, but they’ve been around for years. Recently though the technology and means to make them has improved, making the products better and cheaper to make. Typically the process involves steel framed windows or some kind of metal window options that are strong, durable, and able to withstand the heat of a raging fire for up to an hour in many cases. Regardless of where you live in the country or what type of home you have fire rated windows are a great investment for these three reasons.

    1.) Cost-Efficient: Yes, fire rated windows will cost you a little more upfront, typically about 10 to 15% more than regular ones, but you’ll end up making that back in the long-run through energy usage. Even steel windows with low e-coatings will reduce your average energy loss by 30 to 50%. Households save reportedly between $126 to $465 a year by replacing standard, single-pane windows with Energy Star certified units.

    2.) Security: Although they are made and primarily marketed for their fire prevention and protection benefits, one of the ancillary ones is that these kinds of windows are all-around much stronger making them a harder target for potential criminals. Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed. Not only is it almost impossible to bash out without the use of some heavy-duty equipment, but the steel or metal frames make it much more difficult to bust open the unit when locked properly.

    3.) Peace of Mind: Obviously, the biggest advantage to having fire rated windows installed around your house is the peace of mind you can have knowing you’re home is that much safer from the ever-present danger of house fires. In 2013 alone there were 1,240,000 fires reported in the United States. Whether your home contains a plethora of valuables, or simply the precious lives of the ones you love keeping it safe from harm can be a constant struggle.Fire rated windows can help.

Take the time and money to invest in upgrading your windows to ones that will better protect your home from fires and break-ins and you’ll most certainly never regret it.

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