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3 Important Kitchen Fire Suppression Tips You May Have Forgotten

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Commercial kitchen fires happen all too often. It may seem like common knowledge, but many people let basic fire safety practices fall by the wayside. If certain safety practices are ignored, you may find out the devastating repercussions after it is too late. Each year, over 8,000 kitchen fires are reported. A kitchen fire can cause irreparable damage and even harm the restaurant employees and patrons. If you are a restaurant owner, manager, or even the head chef in a kitchen, it?s important to review some safety fundamentals regarding fire suppression.

  • Keep fire safety equipment on hand.
    This may seem like an obvious tip, but many commercial kitchens are not fully prepared with all types of fire safety equipment. When it comes to fire suppression, you?ll need more than just a fire extinguisher. A good safety device to have on hand is a fire blanket. These thick blankets are made from fiberglass and other flame-resistant materials. You can smother a fire in one of these blankets or wrap them around a person if they happen to catch flame. It?s important to have all necessary alarms and detectors installed as well. A smoke detector can often catch a fire before the flames start growing large enough for a person to spot it. It may be a good idea to install security cameras as well to monitor people?s actions or review the origin of a fire and prevent another accident in the future. You can develop you own restaurant fire suppression system and build a kit of items like these that will be helpful in the event of a fire.
  • Check your fire equipment often.
    Aside from having all of the necessary equipment on hand, it is imperative to check the equipment often to ensure it is all in good working order. Several people do not realize that fire extinguishers expire. Did you know that fire extinguishers must be checked monthly and serviced yearly? It may be a good idea to hire a kitchen fire suppression inspection service if you do not know how to service a fire extinguisher yourself. Ensure that your fire extinguisher is close by; it should be no more than 30 feet from a main cooking area. Because 57% of restaurant fires involve cooking equipment, you?ll want to easily be able to access it in the event of a dangerous ignition. Going back to more fire safety fundamentals, you should check the batteries on your smoke detectors and test them often.
  • Educate staff on fire safety procedures.
    What good is a fire extinguisher if your staff doesn?t know how to use it? Educating staff on proper fire safety procedures will ensure that in the event of a fire, all fire suppression actions are carried out safely and efficiently. When utilizing a fire extinguisher, you should aim low at the base of the fire to put it out. There should be instructions on the fire extinguisher that tells exactly how to use your specific model. Employees should also be educated on the sprinkler system installed in your building. Aside from using and operating fire safety equipment, employees should be reminded of general safe cooking practices and keep the kitchen as clean and orderly as possible.
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