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The Homes Baby Boomers are Looking for

Leaky roofs

With the Baby Boomers slowly aging out of the workforce, a large demographic of older consumers are entering the housing market. The most popular floor plans for retirees tend to be single-story with generous square-footage, which can mean the roof will need to cover a larger surface area. The importance of the roof when buying/selling a home increases with that surface area — after all, there’s more room to go wrong — but a new roof can also yield a return of investment of up to 75%.

And if you’re looking to restore and sell a home that has never had a new roof, you’ll almost certainly need one. Roof lifespan should be 20-25 years, making anything older than 1990 a must for replacement. Leaky roofs, weather damage, roof blistering, and insufficient ventilation are not usually covered by insurance and will make older homebuyers turn their backs, because the most popular floor plans for retirees are the ones where they don’t have to risk money or injury on roof repair or other updates.

There are a number of different roof types that meet these standards. Though asphalt shingles are the most common shingles, they are not the longest lasting, nor are they maintenance-free. Slate shingles might be a better option and will certainly add to the value of the home for their sleek look, though be aware of the local climate and environment. Slate (and ceramic) shingles break easily, so storms or debris from trees cold easily negate any ease-of-maintenance.

Metal roofs are rising in popularity, are durable, and resistant to water and ice buildup. Buyers looking for something unique will surely be willing to pay more for a metal roof done right.

Since the popular floor plans for retirees, again, maximize surface area, the siding of the house becomes a larger factor as well. Siding materials are just as varied as roofing materials, no it may take some mixing and matching to properly and attractively update a restored home. It’ll all be worth it if you can truthfully tell buyers of the benefits of better insulation, protection, and low-maintenance.

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