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Can Hurricane Windows Protect Your Home?


Hurricane season lasts from about June to November each year. The damage a natural disaster of that level can wreck upon the area is alarming. While there is nothing you can do to stop a hurricane, you can take precautions to keep your home protected from all but the most severe storms. Impact doors and windows can make a difference between clearing debris and rebuilding.

Hurricane force winds are winds that are 74 miles per hour or more. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale measures sustained winds and the likely damage that may be inflicted on houses and surrounding buildings. An impact door may not prevent a tree from falling on your home, but top rated hurricane windows that can stand up under 200 mile per hour sustained winds and flying debris can minimize the damage done to your home.

Hurricane windows with the highest level of protection can resist a Category 5, but it is of great importance to not only find genuine impact doors and windows, (meaning, they have passed test standards and comply with local building codes) but also to hire a professional to make sure they are installed correctly.

Installing impact doors or windows can do more than protect your home during a hurricane. They can also help keep your energy costs down. Homeowner’s who invest in Energy-Star certified windows can see a savings of between 7 to 15% on their energy bill each month.

You might be considering having an impact door and windows installed, but are unsure of the real benefit. To put it simply, think of the newest hurricane that threatened the East Coast, Hurricane Joaquin. This hurricane had sustained winds of 155 mph on October 3, which made it just two miles per hour below qualifying as a Category 5. For homes directly in its path nothing could be done, but the homes further out which did not catch the brunt of the force stood a better chance.

While nothing can prevent a natural disaster, there are steps that can be taken to minimize damage. Your community will have information on disaster preparation plans for the area and recommendations for how your family can prepare. Do yourself a favor, and protect the house as well, so you do not have to rebuild later.

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