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Attention Landlords, Put Off Roof Drain Lining Repair At Your Own Risk!

Epoxy pipe lining

Why are plumbing problems in apartment buildings and condominiums so challenging? Because unlike a single-unit residential home, apartment buildings can contain hundreds of different units. But while the apartments themselves may be separated, their plumbing isn’t. That means a plumbing problem on the roof can affect a unit on the ground floor. In short, multiply your plumbing problem by the number of units, toilets, drains, and potential clogs in the entire building.

In the past, that meant that even finding the source of a plumbing problem in a large building was a logistical nightmare. Not only that, but even after the problem was located and diagnosed, repairs could be extremely expensive. Landlords would put off small plumbing problems to cut costs, and then wake up one day to an absolute plumbing nightmare.

And although it might not be as glamorous as Silicon Valley, the plumbing industry has seen remarkable technological advancements in the first two decades of the new millennium. Pipe and sewer repair has never been simpler or more affordable than it is in 2015, thanks to breakthrough technology like cured in pipe placement and other forms of trenchless pipe lining repair.

Rather than digging a giant trench, or in the case of apartment buildings, tearing down entire walls, plumbers can use the latest “no dig” technology to repair and replace pipes in record time. Apartment buildings have a drain on the roof to move away storm water, but over time this pipe can become damaged or clogged. This can cause water to leak into tenants’ apartments, spreading water damage, mold, and causing plumbing issues for the whole building.

But now, it’s never been easier to perform a roof drain lining replacement. Using epoxy pipe lining, plumbers use cutting-edge machines to feed a special pipe lining through the existing, broken pipe. This specialized roof drain lining is then “cured” in place, creating a pristine, functioning roof drain pipe right where it’s supposed to be.

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