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6 Tips for Getting Great Window Treatments

shadesWindow treatments can greatly alter the look and feel of a room and a home. They can also serve a number of functional purposes. They can improve the home’s energy efficiency. Nearly half of the heating and cooling is lost through the windows and this can be prevented with the right window treatments. During the summer, they keep the cool air in and the sun heat out. In the winter they keep your heating in. They are a powerful security tool, they prevent people from peering into your home. You have more privacy with the shades drawn.

Here are some ideas to help you get the best window treatments for your home.

  1. Less is more. Heavy drapes and coverings are out, light and simple window shades are in. Simple shades can add elegance and an understated style to your home. The simplicity allows your other decorations to take center stage while providing all of the benefits great window treatments can offer.
  2. Look for modern colors that go with your sense of style. Lighter and brighter colors and patterns can make a room look larger. Think about how the window treatments will look from the outside when selecting the color. You need whatever colors and patterns you pick to look good in the inside and the outside.
  3. Consider texture. Current window treatment trends include blinds and shades made of different materials that offer fun textures. Bamboo, rattan and other more natural materials are being used to give a different feel to a room and home. These are fun and visually interesting. Look at the current decorating and think about whether these would work with the style of your home.
  4. Let in soft, natural light. Natural light is important for your physical and mental health. It brightens up your home but also just makes you feel better. What you do not want, however, is direct sunlight that can heat your home when you do not want it to and fade your rugs, furniture and other items in your home. One option to avoid this is venetian blinds that can be maneuvered to let in the amount of light you want. Woven wood shades also offer you the chance to let some light in without getting too much direct sunlight.
  5. Consider mixing window blinds with drapes. Using both can create a very elegant effect. You also get the benefits of both. During the day, you can pull the draperies back and just use the blinds to give your room the right amount of sunlight and at night, you can close the curtains to get more privacy. Curtains come in so many colors and styles that you will be hard pressed to not find some that fit your sense of style.
  6. Consider blackout blinds for bedrooms. These can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep you and your family get. Certain kinds of light cause our brain to secrete chemicals that tell the body to stay awake. This blue light is also present in the light from TV screens, tablets and phone and is a reason sleep experts recommend avoiding them around bedtime. The light from the street lamps does the same thing.

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