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Solar Power FAQ?S Your Questions, Answered

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Solar power systems are one of the best solutions for sustainable energy, and thousands of commercial and residential energy customers are making the switch. However, many customers do not know much about solar panels, or the benefits they can achieve from switching. Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about solar power, answered by solar panel experts.

How much does solar power cost?

The average initial cost for a complete system is around $50,000. However, many solar companies offer payment plans with low, monthly fixed payments. In addition, solar panel system owners can apply for a variety of different incentives, and can apply for grants for alternative funds

How long will installation take?

A typical residential solar power job will typically only take a few days. Altogether, an installation needs about 40 hours of installation time on the roof, and about 10 hours inside the house in order to properly set up the system. Larger houses and commercial solar panel installations may take longer, depending on the size and complexity of the project. In general, installation of solar panels for commercial projects takes no longer that one to two weeks.

Does my solar power work if the power goes out?

Just like a normal electrical system, your house?s power will also go down in the event of a black out. This is to help prevent any back-feed of energy to the line, which are likely being worked on by electrical line workers. To keep your power running during a power outage, purchase a portable or stationary generator, which will switch on in the case of a black out.

What tax incentives can I get with solar power?

One of the biggest pulls for solar installation is the tax incentives that can be claimed. While these incentives change periodically, commercial and residential solar costumers should expect a substantial federal tax credit when filing yearly taxes. Check your state?s policy on solar power incentives to learn more about what you can receive after solar installation.
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