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Safety and Savings with Fire Rated Windows and Doors

Residential windows and doors

Fire rated windows are used in window openings, in buildings where it is necessary to restrict the spread of fire, from interior or exterior fire, and come in various configurations and styles, to meet customers? needs for residential or commercial projects. There are many metal window options available, from projected and casement, to horizontal sliding, fixed, and vertical sliding configurations. Steel doors are also available for fire rated applications.

Why Have Fire Rated Doors and Windows Installed?

Fire rated steel windows and doors are designed to withstand higher temperatures than regular windows and doors. This includes steel flame resistant windows; safer than wood, which is (obviously) not flame resistant. Fire rated doors and windows not only prevent fires from spreading, but they can help prevent injuries, because the glass won?t overheat and shatter.

In the United States, in 2013, there were 1.24 million fires reported. That means at least one home structure fire was reported every 85 seconds ? that?s a lot of fire. Fire safety is paramount, and high quality fire rated windows and doors are the best way to add extra protection to your home or business.

Safety and Savings

Fire rated windows and doors will not only keep your business and family safe, they save you money! In a typical home, up to 22% of heat loss goes out the windows. Replacing standard, single-pane windows with certified fire rated windows, saves home owners $126 to $465 a year. That?s nothing to sneeze at!

So sleep soundly, knowing you, your family, and your business are as safe as they can be. And hey, it?s nice to know you?re smart enough to save all that money.

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