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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Roof And Gutters

You may ask: are gutters needed? The gutters on your roof might be even more important than you think. Rainwater will run off of the roof in all directions on a house that does not have any gutters. The nearby soil will be quickly washed away as a result. Eventually, all these changes will have a strong effect on the house’s foundation, which will begin settling. Even the simplest gutters can help to prevent that process. New aluminum gutters will be particularly effective.

Many people are now getting aluminum gutters and downspouts installed. Aluminum is more affordable than many other metals. It’s also known for being versatile, which is why there are so many aluminum gutter supplies. Aluminum is more resistant to rust than many of the other materials used to make gutters. These gutters won’t wear down as rapidly as many others.

An aluminum pigmented gutter seal will only make the gutters themselves more durable. These products can be used to address issues with gutter leaks. Once the sealant has been applied, moisture and air will not pass through the seams of the gutters as easily. People can add foam gutter guards and similar gutter guards to these structures as well.

Everyone has home repairs they need to do. Sometimes it’s a leaky faucet that won’t stop dripping no matter how many times you tweak the handle, while other times it’s air-conditioning that seems to kick up more dust than it gets rid of. Even more common are roof leaks and old gutters, which account for a large amount of home-owning projects. Cracks in your roof or gutter can cause a lot of issues down the road, ranging from bad leaks to degradation, and need to be kept in tip-top shape when the weather gets wet or windy. Nobody likes having to constantly empty out leak buckets! While it’s always helpful to consult home repair handyman services, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming an expert on how to keep your home ready for whatever comes its way.

So what’s most important to know? Well, 2013 alone saw over 5,000 storms throughout the United States, many of them accompanied by heavy winds and hail. The vast majority of roof leaks occur at the details — specifically, where the materials are connected to each other and have less physical stability. Seamless gutter installation can help reduce the pressure a lot of water or ice can put on your house. Roof installation, which usually uses weather-resistant materials, can only be as good as regular roof cleaning. Costs on roofing repairs can be greatly reduced by preventative measures. So what can you do?

No matter the types of roofing materials, you can help them last for years with routine check-ups. Did you know a new gutter can last up to 40 years if properly maintained? That’s a lot of stress off your shoulders! Most roofing materials have a lifespan of around 25 years and can even hit 50. Homeowners who have trees (especially pine trees, which are known for shedding) should clean their gutter around four times per year to prevent clogging. Trees that only lose their leaves occasionally, like oak trees, should be cleaned twice per year. If you’re more low-maintenance, metal roofing can last up to 50 years and requires very little upkeep. Home repairs don’t have to be a chore — your home takes care of you by keeping you warm and safe, so put away that bucket and take care of your home by maintaining your roof and your gutters.

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