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The 3 Most Important Things to Consider When Your Air Conditioner Floods

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Summer isn’t always a time of fun in the sun. For many regions across North America, this season brings heavy rains — and flooding is often a common occurrence at this time of year.

If your city gets hit with heavy summertime rains, you may find that your air conditioner has flooded. And if this happens, it can be more than an annoyance that leaves you stuck in the heat with no place to get cool; it can also be a major safety hazard for you and your family.

Flooded air conditioners can be a shocking sight to many — but before you call in an emergency air conditioning repair or try to jump in and fix the problem yourself, be sure to take these three things into consideration:

How long the air conditioner has been underwater

First, it’s essential to determine how long your air conditioner has been submerged with water. Generally, the longer an air conditioner has been flooded with water, the more damage there will be. In some cases, it might just make more sense to purchase an entirely new air conditioner than try to save the one that’s flooded.


Another crucial step to take is to turn off your air conditioner’s power source as soon as you’ve noticed it has flooded. As you likely know, water and electricity are a dangerous mix. If you keep the power running while you try to examine your unit, you could put yourself at risk for serious safety hazards. Additionally, the longer your air conditioner has its electricity turned on, the more damage will be done to the unit.

Presence of dirt or other debris

Lastly, examine your air conditioner for signs of dirt and debris that may have gotten trapped within the unit as flood waters washed through it. Dirt can harm your air conditioner’s ability to function significantly — so if your air conditioner is filled with dirt, it might be time to call in a professional.

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