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Recyle your bathroom Cabinets

Remodeling your home is a major task that many homeowners will undertake at least once. Upgrading the kitchen is a common place to start as there are plenty of options to choose from for countertops, flooring, and cabinets. The cabinets are especially widely available with many options to choose from that can help make your kitchen easier to use.

A popular choice for a quick kitchen renovation is to go with ready to ship cabinets that are already made and ready to be sent right to your home. This is a viable option if you are looking for affordable modern cabinets. You can also work with local remodeling and design experts and have some affordable modern kitchen cabinets made specifically for you.

Even if you are looking for something more specific and unique, like affordable shaker cabinets, you can probably find a designer and supplier online who can get the perfect cabinets made and shipped to your home. Whether you are looking for affordable white kitchen cabinets or something else specific to your home’s design and d├ęcor, you should contact your local remodeling expert and let them guide you through the steps.

Bathroom design

Bathroom re-modeling can be a daunting task, albeit a necessary one. No one wants a bathroom that is dingy, outdated — or worse, moldy or falling apart.

According to Remodeling‘s annual “Cost Vs. Value Report,” even a partial bathroom remodeling job can net a return on investment of up to 72.5%! Especially if you are considering putting your home on the market in the near future, that’s an investment worth making. In the meantime, you and your family will enjoy your new, sleek, and up-to-date bathroom.

What are some options to consider when you’re planning a bathroom remodeling project? Aesthetics may come to mind first. You’ll want to get rid of those faux-wood cabinet doors in favor of something more modern and sleek. If the cabinets and other trim are made of real wood, think about refinishing them — possibly with a distressed, “shabby chic” look. Recycling existing cabinets and drawers that are still perfectly functional, but which no longer have aesthetic appeal, is a great way to save money on your remodeling job, and to be environmentally responsible.

Another way to be eco-conscious when you remodel a bathroom is to invest in “green” or energy efficient toilet and shower systems, which can save not only the planet, but your pocketbook. A remodeling contractor can advise you on the best toilet and shower options that will suit your needs.

Feeling a bit more flush (pardon the pun)? Custom cabinetry or an overall custom bathroom design may be worth your while. Particularly if your space is small or awkward, a custom cabinetry firm can help you maximize the precious space in your bathroom — without having to use unsightly over-the-toilet shelves or to stack towels haphazardly wherever they may fit.

Whatever options you choose to help bring your bathroom into the 21st Century, and to increase the value of your home, don’t skimp on the planning part of the project. Experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association estimate that six months is the minimum time necessary to plan out a successful remodeling job.

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