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Is Your Home Safe? 4 Tips for Homeowners

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Being a homeowner can be difficult. There are many potential risk factors that you may not always remember. If you’re a new homeowner, or just looking to take control of your home, ensuring that these vital systems are properly maintained will have you well on your way to protecting your family, and your investment.

Have Your AC Checked Yearly

100 million homes in America use air conditioning. There are many possible dangers associated with your air conditioning system. An improperly maintained system can fail, costing major money to replace. Only 42% of homes have their system checked yearly. Major air conditioner repairs will cost far more than basic yearly maintenance.

Have Your Furnace Checked Yearly

Many homes may have more than one furnace depending on the area that is being heated. Your furnace should be inspected by a professional yearly. It is crucially important to do this, as problems with your furnace could lead to devastating consequences. Furnace repairs may cost anywhere between $200 and $800, while maintenance will cost a fraction of that.

Have your Generator Checked Twice Yearly

Your generator is your fallback in case of emergency. It is crucial that it is working properly when you need it. It’s basic functionality and fluids should be checked twice a year to ensure it is ready in case of emergency. Generator repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 so it is important to keep it functioning properly. Generator repairs are a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of replacing a new generator, which could easily total over $1000.

Have a Heated Pool? Maintain Your Heater

Pool heater repair can be expensive. If the unit needs to be replaced, it can cost over $1200. There are many basic maintenance tips available. A dirty filter or an improperly functioning thermostat can be simply taken care of, however if you find an issue, pool heater repair is highly affordable.

If you’re a new homeowner, you are surely concerned about protecting the value of your big investment. By keeping all of your home’s vital systems functioning properly, you can ensure the security of your family, as well as your wallet. Don’t hesitate to investigate resources on how to maintain these items, and give them a look for yourself today!

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