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Three Things To Ask Before Renting A Construction Light Tower

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Before you rent construction light towers for your work site, there are some important things you need to consider: fuel capacity, wattage, and safety. Before you make any construction equipment rentals, make sure you can answer these three questions first:

Fuel Capacity

Construction light towers are no use if they run out of gas halfway through the job. Plus, an inefficient tower can burn through your budget by wasting gasoline. Make sure you know how much fuel the tower can hold and how long that fuel will last. And if it’s an older unit, ask if there has ever been a history of dangerous fumes or leaks.


A light source won’t help your workers if it’s not bright enough. At the same time, a light that’s too bright could cause just as many problems as a dimly lit site. Make sure the light you rent is both bright enough, and offers enough coverage to illuminate your entire work space. You may need to rent multiple units.

Safety First!

There’s nothing more important on a work site than the safety of the employees and nearby civilians. For nighttime operations, construction light towers can ensure proper illumination for construction workers. If the right lighting source is selected, and if it’s used properly, construction light towers can improve work site safety in a number of ways.

Some key safety concerns to keep in mind:

  • Increasing Visibility:
  • A light tower with enough wattage can ensure your workers always see exactly what they’re doing. It also makes the work site itself more visible, which is crucial for night jobs off major roadways.

  • Reducing Glare for Pedestrians or Drivers:
  • Unfortunately, some construction light towers are so bright that passing drivers have complained of glare. By pinpointing the direction of the lights, site managers can reduce glare and the risk to passing drivers.

  • Wind: If your work site is exposed to the elements, particularly heavy gusts of wind, make sure the system is properly stabilized. Just like with electric scissor lift equipment, anything that extends into the air must be properly stabilized before use. If not, it could tip over and damage itself, other equipment, or even nearby workers!

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