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Three Lesser Known Advantages of Using Well Water Filter Systems

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Obviously, well water filtration systems filter all the dangerous and disgusting contaminants that find their ways into a home’s drinking water. Water purification is kind of their point, but that’s not their only benefit. Here are just a few other, lesser known advantages of using well water filter systems.

Well Water Filtration Is Cost Efficient.

Well water filter systems are incredibly cost efficient alternatives. Sure, they’re not cheap to have installed, but they pay for themselves over time. Home owners who stop getting bottled drinking water and start filtering their own taps save an average of $1,000 per year. That’s a lot of money being drank away.

Well Water Filtration Protects the Environment.

Well water filter systems are also incredibly good for the environment. The fewer bottles of water are being consumed, the less plastic gets used. Considering the fact that only 15% of plastic bottles are recycled each year, or in other words 26 billion bottles of plastic water get thrown away each year, it’s fair to say that well water filter systems help protect the environment from pollution.

Well Water Filtration Makes Homes Run More Efficiently.

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of using well water filter systems is that they can make homes run more efficiently. Believe it or not, running hard water through appliances can cut efficiency by up to 48%. In other words, using unfiltered well water in appliances like showers, humidifiers, or washing machines can cut their efficiency in half, more or less crippling them. Rather than let that happen, you can have a well water filter system installed in your home, and let your appliances work the way they were designed to.

And to think, these are just a few reasons why homes are better off with well water filtration. If you know of any other reasons apart from these or have any questions about well water filtration, feel free to share in the comments.

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