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Shocking Truths about Cleaning Industrial Carpets

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Anyone who owns a large industrial building or just a large space that has carpets knows how important carpet cleaning services are to keeping your space looking great. The United States carpet industry is bigger than you might think at first, and it generates $4 billion in revenue each year. It employs almost 70,000 people, so this means that if you are looking for the best carpet cleaners to get the job done right, you’ll have a huge selection and you will definitely be able to find a company you trust.

Carpets usually aren’t cleaned unless they look dirty, but this can be a mistake, and carpet cleaning services will tell any carpet owner the importance of regular cleanings. The type, intensity and frequency of carpet cleanings vary depending on the type of carpet, so talk to your local top rated carpet cleaners to learn what services you will need. Some very old carpets, like the Pazyryk Carpet, need to have very specially trained workers who know how to deal with old materials from over 2,000 years ago. Most carpets, however, can be cleaned by professional carpet cleaning companies who are familiar with the techniques in the industry. If you want to know more, keep reading for some myths and facts about carpet cleaning and care.

Myth #1: I only need to clean the carpet when it looks dirty. False.
Each year it is estimated that several pounds of soil accumulate in and under the average carpet. What’s even more shocking is that the carpets still usually look very clean, so the average person wouldn’t even guess that there was so much dirt being held in the carpet. Even if you are confident that your carpet looks and feels clean, you should talk to carpet cleaning services to make sure it is really clean.

Myth #2: A carpet only needs to be professionally cleaned one time. False.
Professional carpet cleaners recommend that any carpet be cleaned every 18 months, and it would be even better if the carpet was cleaned once a year. Even if your carpet doesn’t look dirty and you think it is fine, keeping it clean will extend the life of the carpet and will prevent it from getting permanent stains that you might not notice until it’s too late.

Myth #3: A dirty carpet doesn’t pose any health risks. False.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a carpet can hold several sources of indoor air pollutants. This is not healthy to breathe in and it can be a hidden problem that can have adverse effects on the health of anyone living there. If you are concerned about keeping yourself and your employees healthy, you should have the carpet cleaned annually to prevent additional dust particles from mixing in the air.

Myth #4: I can’t afford to get my carpet cleaned. False.
The cost to your wallet shouldn’t outweigh the potential positive health effects of having your carpet cleaned, so set aside some money to consult with a professional cleaning service.

Myth #5: It can take several weeks to clean carpets. False.
In some humid areas, mold can grow in carpets, and if this is the case then cleaning may take a few weeks. However, it usually takes only a short time to get carpets clean, ready to to and looking brand new. You might even be able to get done in one weekend. Learn more.

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