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Worried About Your Heating Bill This Winter? Here Are Three Ways To Keep It Down

Heating and air repair

Now that the winter weather has fully descended upon most of the country, tons of Americans have begun to realize that they haven’t paid much attention to how much money they’ll be spending on heating costs this winter — and they’re also realizing that it’s definitely time to start finding some new ways to save money. Here are just a few simple tips to get you thinking:

  • Most heating and air conditioning companies suggest that homeowners take some preventative measures before turning on their furnaces; while it may be a little late to do some preventative cleaning, it’s never too late to call in commercial HVAC repair services to inspect your heating system. During these inspections, professional HVAC experts will check for things like duct leaks and dirty filters, and they’ll let you know if your HVAC unit is a bit old and will need to be replaced soon (i.e., start saving up your money now).
  • Something you can do on your own is fairly simple, and can save you a lot of money in the long run: make sure to change the filter in your heating and air conditioning unit. A clogged filter will inhibit warm air from passing into the house, causing the system to work in overdrive just to reach the set temperature. Additionally, it’s very likely that excess dirt in a clogged filter will pass directly into the evaporator coil, making it difficult for the coil to absorb heat.
  • And finally, if you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, it’s definitely time to invest in one! These thermostats are extremely affordable, and because they will automatically turn your heating and air conditioning system on and off at certain times, you never have to worry about remembering to set the temperature.

Now we’re turning the conversation over to you — what other tips do you have that can help other homeowners save money and energy with their heating systems this winter? Be sure to share your tips in the comments section! More like this article.

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