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So You Got Job at A Hardware Store What’s Next?

Hex head cap screw dimensions

So you got the job at your local hardware store! You soared through the inventories but now you must be wondering what knowledge you really need to have to field questions. People will ask you about everything from plumbing pipes to fastener manufacturers to stainless steel screws and bolts to construction clean up. It’s a lot to know but below are so basics to keep in your pocket for your new gig.

Nuts. bolts and screws
First of all, when people reference the size of a screw, they will indicate a number, The larger that number is, the thicker and wider the screw. It might surprise you to know that the United States makes about $27 billion per year on screws, nuts and bolts so this is important stuff! You should keep in mind that most screws turn counterclockwise and that when someone references a “flat head” what they really mean is a slotted screwdriver. This is actually the first known mechanism for a screwdriver. Remember that screws come in all kinds of materials. They were first made of wood back and used in wine presses or olive oil presses. Now there are lots of nut and bolt suppliers that make stainless steel nuts and bolts as well as metal nuts and bolts or event still, wood nuts and bolts.

You can’t know everything
Don’t go trying to memorize every heavy hex nut and hardened steel bolt. The bottom line is that hardware stores have so much inventory that there is no way to know it all. It’s important that you remember to ask questions when you are unsure of the efficacy of stainless steel screws and bolts or the location of porcelain toilet rims.

But you should be an expert in something
With all that said, you should invest in one niche part of the hardware world so that you have something to offer your team. Maybe you learn a ton about paint or siding. These could both be so helpful! You don’t have to come to the table with all of the knowledge, but you should come with some!

Working at a hardware store has its perks. You get to help because build things! And be creative! And while your customers are embarking on their construction dreams, you get to learn more about the process and pocket that knowledge.

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