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3 Unique Ways to Redesign Home Bars

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Custom wood home bars are most commonly found in two places in the home: First, in kitchens (where they’re often called “breakfast bars” or “peninsulas”); second, in basements (where they’re more often used for entertaining). But the basic purposes or setups of custom wood home bars can be translated elsewhere in the home while retaining or adding both function and convenience. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Custom Drink Cabinets

    Are your kitchen and basement really your favorite places to entertain? If not, you might consider a custom liquor cabinet to bring that function into your living room without the passe look of many wet bars. Custom made cabinets can ensure you have the right amount of space for the glasses and various bottles you want nearby without taking up too much real estate. Consider custom features like glass-front doors to show off your collection, or locks to keep young people out.

  2. At-Home Tasting Rooms

    If you are a true wine connoisseur, custom wine racks and cellars are a must. But why not go the extra mile and build a bar for at-home tastings? That way, you can include your friends in your favorite hobby. For a classic feel, model your bar after the simple wood ones usually found in tasting rooms. If a full cellar isn’t an option for space reasons, you can consider a hanging wine rack and smaller tasting station instead.

  3. Homework and Playrooms

    The regular setup of a bar — a counter that can be approached from both sides — is actually handy for far more than drinking or serving food. It’s also great for doing homework, working on crafts or playing board games. Consider a simple built-in for homework spaces or playrooms, and you’ll probably find it gets used far more often than a basement bar.

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