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Four Fun Fall Festival Ideas For Your Friends!

Chain link fences

Who said you couldn’t use your outdoor patios and decks just because it’s cooling off a little bit? If anything, the changing weather actually means it’s time to have a party! Here are a few cool ideas for Fall gatherings.

A Halloween Party.

Perhaps the most obvious idea on this list, why not throw a Halloween party in your yard? You, your family, your friends, and everyone’s kids can dress up and come over for some ghoulishly spiced rum, monster finger foods, and scary activities. Go crazy with the decorations, too. Deck your chain link fences out in cob webs, put a giant spider or a crashed witch on the top of the gazebos, and stick some fake headstones in the yard.

A Harvest Festival.

Fall itself is reason enough to have a party. Some people like to have pumpkin carving contests. Others like to have cider and wine tastings in their gazebos. Still more even like to have big bonfires with loads of Fall-themed snacks. There are so many different ways to celebrate this time of the year that you really can’t go wrong.

A Movie Showing.

Gazebos are the perfect spots for Fall movie showings. Tons of people love to hang sheets on their garages, hook their laptops up to digital projectors, and enjoy movies from the comfort of their outdoor gazebos.

A Friendsgiving.

Just because you have to see your family on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends, too. Loads of people have “Friendsgivings” parties either before, on, or after Thanksgiving. These types of shindigs often involve backyard football, unconventional foods, drinking hot cider or pumpkin ales from the comfort of gazebos, or whatever else might be a fun “tradition.”

The only wrong way to celebrate the Fall is to not celebrate it all. If you have any questions or other cool ideas for outdoor Fall activities, feel free to share in the comments. More.

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