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Three Reasons You Should Build a Screened Porch

Frederick gazebo

If you want to give your home a new look, renovation is a popular direction to go in. This means that you find some area of the house to revamp, update, and modernize. But why not take this concept outside, and turn it into something your visitors will love all year long?

Screened porches can be a great way to add some oomph to your back yard. Instead of investing in fancy fence designs, wooden gazebos, backyard fences, and other aesthetic things to increase visual appeal in your home, these porches will give you the privacy you need, and up your home’s uniqueness.

Here are some of the benefits of screened porches.

  1. More Space. You can never have too much room in your house — before you know it, your spacious living room is filled with furniture, a TV, a coffee table, tons of pictures, and more often than not, your children’s toys. By adding on a porch to the back of your house, you will have another enclosed area to decorate and keep clean for visitors.
  2. Entertainment. In the summertime, who wants to sit indoors? With a screened in porch, you will have yet another place to entertain your friends and family. If you want to have a summer bash, you’ll likely have much more room for people to move around and mingle. You’ll also have enough serving space for all the food, and extra seating.
  3. Organic Lighting. You will probably save yourself a lot of money on lighting alone if you get a screened in porch. For most of the day, you can rely on natural sunlight to keep the room lit, and for the night, you can simply string some Christmas lights along the edges, or have a few mini lamps around.

So, don’t waste time on any other type of renovation. Get a screened porch, and enjoy what’s left of the summer. Research more like this.

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