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Installing New Windows Is A Good Use of Time and Money

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Homeowners can be challenged in finding and maintaining the balance between investing in their home and putting their money elsewhere. In addition, they may also be challenged in deciding where to invest their funds first when it comes to renovations, replacements and upgrading home features.

A key point homeowners want to remember is the monthly cost of running a household. In keeping monthly bills down, homeowners are able to save more for home improvements or repairs, should the need arise. In keeping monthly expenses down, homeowners often look at the electric bill. Weatherstripping and caulk can be used to seal off gaps that allow energy to escape, but a major source of energy loss for homes, especially older ones, is the windows.

Home window replacement is a good place to start in enhancing
home value and energy efficiency. With window replacement, homeowners can save themselves between $126-$465 a year on the energy bill, saving money for fund allocation in other needed areas. Window replacement can also add as much as $7,857 to the final value of the home, driving the sale price up, should they choose to sell.

Currently, the window installation industry in the United States serves to generate approximately $7 billion in annual revenue. Replacing old, single-paned windows with vinyl dual paned windows is an effective and energy-efficient method of reducing monthly costs. Other benefits of window replacement include:

Reduced Maintenance: vinyl does not peel, corrode, fade, rot or warp. They come clean with household cleaners.
Dual Paned Glass Protects: this type of window blocks as much as 96% of infrared heat. It also blocks as much as 83% of ultraviolet rays that work to fade carpet and furniture daily.
Reduced Noise: installing new windows with dual panes reduce the amount of street noise homeowners hear.

How much are new windows? Naturally, that cost will depend on the age of your home, number of windows you need to have replaced, and several other factors. Most local window installers, however, will be happy to provide you with a quote. The window replacement cost, homeowners find, is usually offset by the savings they provide.

Installing new windows is a cost-effective and energy efficient home investment that many homeowners turn to for monthly savings, home improvement and enhanced living quality. Great references here:

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