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Five Great Tips for Furniture Shopping Anytime, Anywhere

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Furniture shopping is a daunting task for most. Trying to find high-quality pieces of furniture is difficult enough — and then you have to find items that will look good in your home.

Because furniture shopping is also the third most costly expense you will ever have to pay for (followed by a house and a car), it’s never been more important to find high quality furniture at a good price as well.

However, there’s no need to be afraid of shopping for new furnishings for your home. Just read the tips below and you’ll be well on your way to furniture shopping savvy!

Here are the five best furniture buying tips to help you become a smarter furniture shopper:

1. Shop at the right stores: You should choose to do your furniture shopping at one or two stores that have a reputation for good deals and high quality. Furniture outlets are always a great option because they offer brand-name furniture at bargain-bin prices.

2. Focus on furniture material types: If you’re looking for high-quality furniture, try to look for solid wood furniture rather than pieces made with wood veneers. When furniture shopping for upholstered pieces like couches, you should make sure its cushions and springing are sound.

3. Don’t fall for 0% down financing deals: Many stores will lure customers with financing deals that require no down payment. The problem with these is that the stores build the cost of financing into their pricing models, meaning you’re paying for furniture that has been marked up significantly.

4. Sit on it: You obviously don’t want to sit on a table or dresser — but for any chair or sofa, testing out how sturdy it is before buying it is essential. If it feels wobbly or unstable, don’t buy it.

5. Peruse the clearance section: At most major furniture showrooms, the high-quality furniture pieces you see at the front of the store can be found somewhere else — the clearance section. Stores will put overstocked items on clearance, meaning you can get the same exact name-brand piece of furniture at a fraction of the price by furniture shopping in clearance. Get more info here.

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