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Many people use the terms condo and townhome synonymously. However, there are a number of differences between the two types of living arrangements. And many individuals may find that they feel more comfortable or at home in either one over the other. Those looking to buy a new home may benefit from a few facts about both condos and townhouses to enlighten on the process. So here you’ll find a bit of buying a townhome and buying a condo 101.
While it may be somewhat common knowledge that townhomes and condos are both physically close and attached buildings, the two are very different in terms of layout, space, and privacy.

While townhouses are essentially individual attached buildings, condos are more apartment-style, often existing as multiple homes in one large individual building. Buying condos can also be tricky. Buying a fraction of a large building can be detrimental based on the condition of the entire building. The quality of an individual condo is related to the overall quality of the building, so it is important to be careful in choosing a proper area and environment in which to settle.

With the similarity between townhomes and personal homes and condos to apartments, the property owned by buyers is quite different in that of a condo vs townhome. While those in condos own their condo within the building plus the provided community space, townhome owners have their own personal home and the bit of land surrounding it, which is typically provided to each owner.
Because of the differences in personal space, price is also a consideration when debating condo vs townhome. Condos tend to be less expensive than townhouses because of the more shared space implied with owning a condo. The condo building and hallways are shared. On the contrary, townhome ownership includes land ownership, and the cost of land tends to increase the price of the townhome.

Privacy is also an obvious consideration, and an important point of condo vs townhome 101. Given the communal space of condos, there will be slightly less privacy in living in a condo compared to a home or townhome. Townhomes, on the other hand, provide more personally owned area, leaving more space to privately exist. A condo may also be on a variety of floors in a building, while a townhome is, in many ways, its own building.

Given these facts about condominiums vs townhomes, the next step is to explore both of these areas for yourself. Depending on your area and preferences, either townhomes or condos can provide the right feel to what you are interested in. Looking where to buy a condo and where to buy a townhome is a personal and important part of the process of property ownership. Both types of living have their advantages, and one of the most fun parts of this process is the exploring! Refernce materials:

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