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Four Questions to Ask Any Siding Virginia Contractor

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When it finally is time to replace the siding on your home, let the professionals handle it. Your home is a treasure and should be regarded in that way. Resist the desire to save money by doing it yourself. Just because home improvement stores sell siding does not mean you are the person to do it. Hire a siding Virginia contractor, but make certain to ask the following questions first.

The first question may sound silly, but it is the most crucial. Ask every siding Virginia contractor you speak with to provide you with the full name and address of the company. Many siding virginia contractors operate individually and do not have office space or company locations, so background checks are important. Get the name and address, then plug it into an online search to verify the contractor’s credentials.

The second question for any siding Virginia contractor involves insurance. Ideally the siding Virginia contractor will be fully insured, including liability insurance and workers compensation insurance, to cover the contractor, anyone who works with him on your property, and you. Certificates should be presented before anyone lays the first panel of siding. Otherwise, you could be held liable if something happens to a worker on your property.

The third question to ask a siding Virginia contractor revolves around licensing. Every siding contractor must be licensed with the state to perform installation of siding. And if the state does not require a license to perform this task, verify in any way possible that the contractor has at least taken a written exam making him qualified to take care of the siding on your home. Credentials are probably more important than licensing here, because they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the contractor has completed the appropriate programs to make him an expert or authority on installing siding.

The fourth question for siding Virginia contractors involves asking for references. The contractor probably already has a list of past customers willing to speak on his behalf about his quality and workmanship. Have the contractor give you a longer list than you actually need. This shows that he at least has 10 clients willing to talk about the great work he has done. If he gives you two, he can manipulate those past clients a little more than if he gives you 10 and you select the ones you prefer to call in a random fashion.

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