Make Your House Stand Out In The Crowd

Tips From a Professional Home Painter

This guide is about painting walls fast like a professional home painter. You can use an 18-inch roller. Start by getting the room ready.

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That means laying down those big cloths to catch any drips and splatters. Then, mask off the places you don’t want to paint, like the edges where the wall meets the floor.

Next, grab a big bucket and fill it halfway with paint. Also, get an extension pole long enough to reach up to the ceiling. It’s usually about eight feet high. Stick the 18-inch roller on that pole with a 3/8-inch thick nap.

The first coat should be light, almost like a see-through layer. That way, it’ll dry fast. To do that, load the roller with paint and roll it up and down the wall in nice, straight lines. Let that first coat dry completely. That typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how hot or cold it is. When you go to lay down the second coat, you can be a little more generous with the paint.

Overlap each stroke by about a quarter inch as you roll. Paint from the top down to the bottom to get even coverage everywhere. If you’re using a light color, don’t worry about laying out the paint perfectly like you would with a darker color. Finally, once you’ve finished rolling the walls, touch up any spots you missed around the edges.


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